How Many People have Registered for the Household Charge ?

Update : June 28th 2013

Latest figures on Household Charge registration.
The latest figures from June 28th  are that  1,286,802  properties have been registered for the household charge including  those having  waivers.

The Household Charge was introduced in order to  help build a national property database in preparation for the 2013  Property Tax   – but there are still significant numbers of property owners who have not registered.

We estimate there are about  1.82 million properties that could be  liable for the Household Charge  (See our calculations here)
so if the figure of  1.23 million  registered  is correct -it works out that  just over 70% of  liable properties that have been registered. . The government figures say that 80% have registered – but they base that on 1.62 million liable properties.

. Here are the latest figures for the Property Tax Returns


There seems to be  some confusion about  how many properties are liable for property tax. The governement are basing the calculations on – 1.66 million but according to the census there are about 1.99 million houses . They seem to have mislaid 330,000 houses somewhere ! Read More Here

See more here about Penalty Charges for the late payment of the Household Charge.

More facts and details about the Household Charge and how to pay it and more here about the new Property Tax

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82 thoughts on “How Many People have Registered for the Household Charge ?

  1. Im delighted to see that so few have paid. This boycott is the start of the peoples revolt against the apalling austerity imposed on them by our troika lapdog Government



  4. Of course the household tax should be paid. It is the law of the land. Laws are are created by Parliament whose members were elected by citizens of this Sate. Ignoring the laws which don’t suit you results in anarchy and destroys democracy

    • Fair play to you John if you can afford to pay it you’re one of the smug lucky few. For the rest of us being beaten down to poverty levels already this is not even a possibility regardless of the law of the land – Not one person I know has or will be paying this charge. I agree with Joe – WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER… TO BEAT THIS CHARGE. They cannot prosecute 1.72 million people. the 0.01 million who have payed should be ashamed of themselves.

    • So mr heueston you “strongly,strongly support”property tax charge,which we know may soon run into severel hundred euros. Does your support waiver if one owns a property but actually owes the bank more than the property is worth? as is the case with ten of thousands of property owners. you can’t get blood from a stone. i’ve paid taxes all my life and paid my dues. this tax is unjustifiable,hysterically,disproportionate and down right wrong. i agree with mo and joe we must be united together Say NO!!

    • John, While the tenents of your opinion are almost correct to the logic you propose, it lacks one critical element. The government are representatives of the Irish people and are in power to advocate and uphold those views of the voting population both domestically and internationally. Our nation was founded by and for the Irish people and our constitution states this very clearly. It seems that the Irish people, by a majority, choose to reject this bizare and grossly inept attempt by the government to run this country like some ad-hoc business venture that seeks to disregard the lives, views and opinions of those who actually own the interests. If the governemnt chooses to ignore its people and persists with this governmental blunder it would simply indicate that we have become another failed democracy. It would take no great leap of imagination or reflection to identify such failed nations in this world or the disasterous consequences for its people. Referendums are not just held in insolated polling booths, they are manifest first by a nations people in their opinions ,values and aspirations, hence the beginnings of a democratic process. John, I respectfully say that democracy is the founding principle upon which our nation was created and its laws are drawn to uphold this democracy. Our laws are to serve our democracy and as such our people, to not do so, would be at least unlawful and at worst, an Ireland lost to another politial principle akin to a dictatorship. Anarchy can only reflect the values of the minority and the majority of the Irish people reject this tax. Perhaps on a whim, it could be stated that we have an anarchic government that disregards the values and wishes of its people and one that did not uphold it pre-election promises. Could a fool that said he can, now be the fool that says he can’t? Can this same fool be the one that is now saying pay an unequitable tax in the short-term and we will work out the correct sum in the future? To agree or reject is simply opinion but the essence democracy is to have that opinion counted.

  5. Nothing is safe from taxation at the present in Ireland. If Irish people pay this tax then it will pave the way for a Property Tax & Water Tax which averages around €1500 per year in some european countries. The Government is Threatening us with a fine of up to €2500 and prison for non registration/Payment yet not one banker or bondholder has suffered. This Government wants European-style taxation . Scrap the household tax a wealth and assets tax on the super wealthy instead.

  6. Paid and proud to have helped this lovely country. Who else do we expect to pay for OUR SERVICES????? Anyway, Ireland being Ireland, by 50% of householders will have paid. The remainder will just pay more!! Simple.

    • Well done Peter, no doubth I will see you again on this blog when you are asking for advice about how to receive back your tax when the rest of Ireland hasn’t paid a cent. I can assure you that most will not pay and they will not be the ones looking for a rebate……….p.s Services can be paid for by taxing those on higher tax bands and a whole list of other more meaningful alternatives…..for example…by removing the strangle hold that the unions have placed on our country and by reducing those unnecessary positions in our public sector/services……..In my eyes the unions are just as responsible as our government for identifing a meaningful way out off this mess.

    • I can’t believe you are serious in what you have posted,we are borrowing money to pay the public service salaries.100e is “NOTHING” to who exactly?maybe not to you but to plenty of people it is something. when the proper charge is introduced next year and its between 800e t 4000e wil people like yourself be this quick to pay.

  7. Good man Peter, throwing good money after bad..Thats your choice
    I helped this country to success too. How much will it cost each household to straighten the country out.
    I don’t earn a lot, I have a mortgage and bills like everybody else. I’m struggling!!!! I’m saying no to this..

  8. People just listen, the countries is in a mess and simply needs the money to pay our debts wherever or whoever caused them is irrelevent ! i cant afford it but WILL pay it as it is my duty to pay it ok and after all, i am irish and proud to be….

    • We expect services without paying for them. We are very lightly taxed compared to other countries. The other problem is that our social welfare payments are too high. When you hear that some families are getting 20,000 + per year handed to them why would you bother looking for a job?

      • Who are these people earning 20k on Social welfare?? What a load of cods-wallop suggesting families get this. People like you cause more damage than good with your hyperbole. You are an ass.

      • dchris – I am sure there are hundreds , maybe thousands, of families in Ireland who are getting €20k and more on social welfare – and this is tax free .
        20k is €384 a week . A couple with just 2 children would get €370 a week – plus medical card , rent allowance , and child benefits on top. So – probably above 20k a year . Maybe an apology would be nice?

  9. I don’t have a problem paying €100 as a household charge to help get the country out of the mess FF got us into. I am, however very concerned that this is the very thin end of a very big wedge! I believe that we will be paying more and more over the coming years, this is on top of one of the highest tax bases in Europe. The working class (that’s what we all are now) are again the easy targets!

    • This charge is going to central government so will not fund local authorities. Services will be cut further next year regardless of monies collected. People who do not own property but who may have more disposable income than many mortgage holders are exempt.It is being demanded by the EU rather than our government and will almost certainly go to repay the bank debt. It shoul not be paid. Denis Tipperary

      • Dennis – thanks for the comment. The government say the charge is going to replace 160 million that is being cut from the local government funding pot. It will be issued to local authorities – but it is not extra money – just a replacement for funding that has been cut.
        (Of course – they may not collect 160million – then what ??)

      • it is good to hear that it will be going into the local community, i dont mind paying if this is where it is being used

      • The only way to guarantee that monies collected will go to local services is if people are allowed to claim the 100 euros against tax, thus ensuring that local authorities benefit. In normal democracies, local services are funded locally, but you actually know what you are getting. Here, for example in Tipperary, we have to pay anyway for waste collection, fire charges if brigade called, water services if you’re not in an urban area etc. The quality of the service provided is a crucial factor. Unfortunately, as things stand, this charge is simply another tax for no service; To paraphrase the American revolutionaries; no taxation withouit services!

  10. Even if you are in a position to pay this now, ask yourself this

    1. Will I still have this job Im in this time next year?

    2. What new tax will they pass in the next budget even if I can afford it now?

    3,Will I still have the same wages/salary this time next year providing my wages/salary don,t get cut and reduced?

    4. When I am in my old age, will I be able to pay all these new taxes on my home when I am relying on my pension?

    5, And finally if I can afford a household tax of €100 at the present moment, would I be able to afford to a full property tax combined with water charges at over €1000?

    There is no consideration of ability to pay with the household tax, no consideration is taken into account of those on unemployment benifits, disabilty benifits, old age pension,negative equity,

    Make no mistake, any of these new charges/taxes/whatever they call them, will not go away once the current crisis ends (if it ever will) so the time to act is now.

    • Paul – the new Property tax is probably going to have some sort of waiver / reduction based on household income.

  11. I am retired paid my income tax @ 63% plus PRSI for 51 yrs.
    I saved and bought my house.Then saved and bought the ground rent so i own my home now they want me to pay to live in it.PS
    63% tax was during the 80s.
    RE water charge;
    water is the sole source of life not food it falls from above and is delivered to our homes by pipes which is paid for by our income tax.
    Is it right that we be forced to pay twice or is that three times?

  12. We never received a leaflet in our door and so have not been offically informed. I believe it is wrong for people already on social welfare and those leaving on the bread line who are on medical cards to be told to pay the new charge. Some peole simply do not have it. There should be excemptions for the financially vunerable of society.

  13. I refuse to pay a tax where people in council houses with 2 jobs do not have to bother. If its for local services that surely the equality of this tax should be addressed. Property taxes in all other countries are paid to the council directly and not to the government. There is some chance if we see what we are paying this money for. Water taxes for water supply. Car tax for road provision. Property tax for what?

    • agree totally with you why should people in council houses get off paying scott free bet they wont have to pay water charges when they are brought in before everyone starts ranting i dont have a problem with people living in council houses do have a problem that they dont have to pay there way many living in council houses earn alot more than myself. let everyone pay should not just some.

  14. Quick question. Owner of house owes charge. As bank holds my deeds, aren’t they the owners. Not that it really matters, I won’t be paying. Country house. No street lighting, water, bin or sewage treatment provided by council. My taxs already pay for urban development so why would I pay three times for these things. Plus a tax on Irish homes is so deep rooted in our history it naturally brings opposition to the n’th degree, what next, a tax on how many windows on our house. …

  15. My house has been empty for a number of years.
    There is no one living there as it is awaiting work to be done.
    I am living in a rented house at the moment.
    I am not paying the household charge for my own presently unoccupied house!
    Will I be penalised and if so why?

    • Any chance of a cite for that please…just so I can see it officially in writing?

      We’re in similar situation to Margaret in that our cottage is also awaiting renovation, and we’re renting elsehwere. Our own cottage has no water supply, and all sanitaryware inside (bath, toilts, sinks etc) was removed several years ago.

      I reckon the cottage is excempt, due it being completely uninhabitable and I would love a verifiiable cite for your claim,.

  16. Fair enough,wasn’t aware of that.However I can forsee this issue about ‘properties been unsuitable for occupation’ being used an excuse by lots of people not to pay…they’ll be saying they ‘were getting the roof done’ and couldn’t live there or god knows what.I’m not in favour of the charge myself but i think I may pay it.There was talk non payment potentially affecting your credit rating or being deducted from Salary(I work for the Local Authority) or Electric bill.For the sake of €100 (I know it will be more next year)i think i will pay it.

    • Margaret – if you think it is not suitable for occupation – get in touch with the local council. They are supposed to have procedures in place wherby they can issue a certificate of exemption. (I wouldn’t be surprised though if they don’t know what you are talking about) It’s probably a lot of hassle for many people to save €100 though.

  17. Look, this charge will eventually go to the Senior Bondholders, Local authorities won’t even see it. If there is the slightest chance that they do, they are so bloated and mismanaged anyway, it would be equivalent to getting your 100 (proposed to be 1000 euro plus) euro and pouring it down the drain.

  18. I bought my house in 2006 and had to pay €32,000 in stamp duty. I have no intention of paying as I’ve paid my dues already. The government can f*** off

  19. Its people like you that have our government like a totalitarian government, when they say jump you say how high like a zombie.
    No thanks to you battles have been won before against the government and this will win again because the people have had enough!!! We are sick of them bleeding us dry while they waste millions of our money every year.
    I am not paying and I admirer everyone else not paying, Hogan is a complete bully lying to the people saying it is to improve your local area, this is complete bull there is no difference they just want to get the money back they threw into the foreign bond holders & bankers!! Dont Register Dont Pay Stand up for what right and stop being mindless sheep for a change.

    • all the people that have paid this so called household tax 17% have no backbone, are gutless, afraid of their own shadow,hid in the dark and can’t stand up for themselves. mr hogan may enough his term as minster as it will be his last and only time. people of lreland listen we as whats remaining 82% must be strong stick together this charge can be beaten as we appointed these so called goverment so they work for us. going against the hand that feeds them(taxpayers) is wrong and a very bad decision.

  20. Problem wit Irish people is we don’t fight and just let them hit us wit whatever they like.
    I had enough of this there is no law stating we have to pay this charge and at this moment it cannot be inforced.
    We all need to stand togetther like the old age penseners and show our government and Euroupe we had enough of stupid taxs. This is the only country we tax KIDS on there money in bank accounts Wats next???

    • If we dont pay it, they’ll tax us some other way, maybe extra vat. Understandably, because the government are spending 58bn and taking in 36bn every year. The difference is borrowed, at an interest rate. So if they dont make cuts and raise taxes now, we are just passing the problem to our kids- with interest!
      However there was a good point about social housing. Once again they are left alone, yet the low income workers and homeowners, who are often much worse off- have to pay.

  21. John, that is nonsense. In this country you’d be lucky to be prosecuted for murder. Now why should people pushed for cash have to pay a non means tested tax like this. To rub salt into it the assumption is you can’t afford to pay if you live in a council house or rent. Truth is some people that don’t own their own house have more benefits and are more able to pay than some one on the average industrial wage with a mortgage cause they lost their original job. Sweeping assumptions like this are wrong. If we carried this mentality through, someone who lost their job wouldn’t get welfare or med card etc even when they need it more than someone renting or in council house that’s working. By the way Louth council just said they have a list compiled three years ago that they are using for exemptions. A lot of unfinished estates are not on it and council stated they will be expecting everyone not on list to pay. My private house is not finished cause I lost my job three years ago. People, don’t pay. They can’t prosecute 80 % of home owners. John you must work for the council.

    • Agree 100%. I lost my job, live on basic dole – have family and large mortgage can hardly buy food. My friends work in good paid state jobs with good wages they don’t have to pay as they live in subsidised council housing! Crazy.
      Those who pay are betraying people like me who can not pay.
      Please don’t pay it will take the pressure off folk like me.

  22. I bought my house last year. During the process of buying the house the government eliminated the exemption for first time buyers stamp duty. This led to a lot of stress as I was having enough difficulty getting approved in the first place.

    As for the household tax. I’ve paid for my household tax for about the next 20 years. They are not getting another cent from me.

  23. What kind of moronic statement is that. I dont even know where to begin. First off how is 1.4 million people still refusing to register considered “a loosing battle” You are obviously a FG/Labour supporter or else you are tryin to rile people up because to call the anti-campaigners “petulant little children” is pathetic. You are talking about over a million people and probably alot more because alot of people who paid did so reluctantly out of fear of fines etc.

    And you have the audacity to say “do ourselves and our country a favour and pay our taxes” How is paying for the wreckless debts of corrupt bankers, speculators and politicians, that are not of the Irish peoples making, doing ourselves and our country a favour. We will do ouselves a favour by standing up to these cowboys and show them that we will not stand for this completely unjust property tax. And especially after watching an evening about the mahon tribunal report that has exposed the corrupt actions of the creators of this economic mess were in.

    And you talk bout crimianl convictions and being prosecuted. You certainly would make a good spokesperson for the government. First, even if this did happen it would take years and second, are they really going to try and prosecute a million plus people?? I dont think so.. You John really should learn the definition of justice and fairness and bow your head in shame..

  24. The charge must be unconstitutional otherwise folks would just get a bill with their name on it. Instead we are being threathened IRS style. It is all very fishy. What government does not know who owns the property in their
    own country? SKenny.

  25. i already pay 700 euro a year on my property fees,do i still not that i am going to still have to pay this 100euro charge all the services they say the 100 euro is for is already been paid for by my fees.

  26. You wont get a bill Sarah.It’s the same as say a TV has to be paid but you wont be billed for it.

  27. Very nasty…You sound like a vested interest, or someone in the know. Either way, Quango time.
    You say: “Do Your selves and Your country a favor,” are you for real? YOU MEAN, Do your local friendly neighbourhood BONDHOLDER, a FAVOUR. If you are talking about criminal convictions look at the petulant ilk whom still think this nation is a glorified bank machine 48 months, offically, since the start of the crisis. You have a bloody cheek. If you want to frighten people (the so called “ordinary” people) then do so but don’t expect people to pay double taxation (yes stamp duty is a tax) to keep fat cat bankers and gamblers in the luxury to which they have become accustomed…And also expect them to accept fifth rate services all in the name of pseudo nationalist fervor. The Government rules at the behest of the people in a Democracy. The last time I checked this was not a dictatorship.

  28. have no intention of paying property tax. i ve asked about 100 people and all bar one frightened clown are not paying it. the government are living in a dream world. if they had to pay mortgage, esb, gas, life insurance, house insurance, tv license, car insurance, car tax, etc, instead of writing it off on expenses they would not have the cheek to actually even think about trying to bring in an other tax, that many people cant afford. wake up government; ye should hang yer heads in shame, go back teaching, and leave somebody with a business brain run the country.

  29. Yes CS, @ March 23rd 10:00, but the problem with that argument is threefold: (1) It has become ambiguous in the extreme now whether the Troika actually wants this property tax or not. If they do, their economic advisors must have an interesting sense of humour, taxing a sector on the slide. Everyone I ask and all research I have done so far, suggests they don’t. As a collory to that, also, unfortunately the Troika is essentially a money collection organisation whose sole aim is to get the money it lent back, ASAP, and damn the consequences. The Irish Government has proven itself lazy, lackluster and largely complicit in the ongoing housing slump and the associating unemployment.

    (2) True about the deeper predicament of the Irish economy without the Bailout, but the problem has only been an exercise in kicking the can down the road, by the same politicians that largely created the problem in the first place. That includes Labour, FG and FF. I can only recall one (ONE!) of them kicking up about the ever increasing bubble at the time. There has been NO policies with regards to the out of work construction sector, all that is bandied about is the same old speal about the Knowledge Economy, bla, bla. A hundred jobs here a hundred there, it’s thousands that are needed now, 48 months on!

    No direction…If they want to save money, to pour down the drain, why don’t they enact legislation to unshackel themselves from civil service pay agreements and take a massive pay cut? Lead by example?

    (3) The Market has reacted favourably enough to the pay and financial sacrifices of the Irish People. Any other pay deferentials which maybe sought in time in response to inflation and deficit obligations all depend on that great and all important trait, timing. Splonking a deeply unfair and draconian Tax on a hardpressed population, at the wrong time for everyone, is BIZZARE in the exreme, and can only lead to people think, why, and why now, when the horse has already bolted? Anyone for a Banana?

  30. well done everyone for all your comments,it helps to get get it off your chest,but the ones responsible for this fiasco will never be aware of our anger, we need some way to get our messages to Leinster House, directly to those useless individuals who collect huge salaries while telling those of us who barely get by on our pittance, to pay up , tighten our belts or be punished for not doing as we are told.
    Is there any way to forward our comments to them , is there anyone out there who knows how this can be done??????then lets do it.

    • The taoiseach and his ministers should work for 25-30k a year like most of us that still have a job and try paying their mortgage,car+ fuel,childcare,utility bills etc…they should stop getting bonuses+expenses(travel)this goverment knows nothing about whats it like to struggle day to day.the amount of wasted taxpayers money is unbelievable,its bloodly time people stood up to the political elite of this hogan should stand down and give his position to Luke ming Flanagan who speaks the truth.

  31. I have just been doing some checking on who this mafioso Mr Hogan is, he is the guy that sat on an RTE program and had the “cahoneys” to tell us all that he would not take a pay cut because his personal circumstances he could not afford to. What about the rest of us PAYE workers that don’t have a choice or the benefit of unvouched expense accounts to supplement our income. It is time for these guys to wake up and smell the coffee, let’s see them lead by example and take the pay cuts and downsize the Dail to help the ordinary person see that we are all in this together. So far it seems that the ordinary person who never seen the Celtic Tiger

  32. were being threatened now with income tax hikes,,,,are these ppl for real???…my income has already been depleted by 450euro a month,,,they can pay the bondholders,massive pensions,,,,,they can feck right off!!!….so glad to see most people sticking together …SO FAR!!!!….dont give in to these despots!!!….and then they expect a yes vote to europe on a referendum….are they right in the head at all????

  33. just spent my household charge fee on two lovely doberman pinchers heard hulk Hogans patience has ran out sending his pubic servants to collect fee so went they call to my home they get a warm welcome.

  34. This goverment have told us lrish citizens of lreland that the IMF told them they have to introduce this household charge as part of our bailout agreement if so why hasn’t every household in lreland received proof the IMF have put this charge on one of the conditions.this charge is for bondholders it should be called ANGLO TAX CHARGE.

  35. I refuse to pay this charge as the low to mid earners are getting hit for everything.Despite all the evidence of corruption and mismanagement over the years no politician or banker has been charged with any offence.Are we gonna be sheep forever they say we pay.Ordinary people of Ireland wake up and fight back.If there was equity in the system where we see the high earners paying a fair share then we could beleive in a just system.

  36. This household tax is a scam. Its not good enough that the government has to charge income tax on the peoples wages they have to spit in everyones eye and add a universal social charge to bail the bankers out which muct be in the ball park of collecting €100-€150 million a month for the bankers.
    I mean come on charging a tax on peoples homes fair enough but do it fairly for gods sake!! People should register there homes for FREE…. Then when the size of the property/home is taken into account a fair tax should be placed on it.
    Its not wake up Ireland its wake up dopey buggers in the dail have a bit of thought for your countrymen…

  37. Totally agree with Jean. This is an unjust and unfair tax. Another attempt by the government to extort money from ordinary hard-working people to pay for their shortcomings.
    They already cut funding to Local Government by €170M to pay off bondholders, now they want it back from Joe taxpayer.
    The day of the deadline they will be flushing another €3.1 Billion down the Anglo Irish toilet to add to the 1.25 Billion they already handed over in January.
    Enough is enough, no way will I pay.

  38. When i built my house in 2005 i had to pay 17,000 euro to Kildare County Council as Levies. This was to connect to all council facilities. Why then am I being asked to pay 100 euro a year to the council again when I have already given them 17,000 euro? We dont have a playground, park, swimming pool, waste collection (we already pay for this) water levies (which are coming in), we dont have street lighting so the question mark is what was my 17,000 euro’s used for? Why should i give them more money when we dont have facilities in this area?

  39. Robert – have you got any source for this “planned” €200 new tax. Is this the property tax you are talking about – that will be more than €200 but will replace the household charge.

  40. Once again I have been hit. Because I work.
    I recently separated and my partner has decided no longer to work. Therefore
    – I pay the whole mortgage (over 1000 euro a month) because I work
    – I pay the car loan (500 a month) because I work
    – I get a meager maintanance (10 euro per week) – because I work
    – I only get around 2000 euro a month, 1500 is spent first day of the month. I need to live on 500, less than people on social welfare, and still I have no right to any waivers or supplements, because I work
    – I have no right to legal aid to help sort this situation, because i am working…
    – And as teh house is not in my name, but I am taking care of it, I have to pay the charge,,,, Out of my 500 euro a month cash left over…. But hey! I am so lucky, I am working!

  41. we as citizens of lreland should demand a general election this present goverment are no better than the last shower we voted in.they promised us the sun,moon and the stars to get this country back on track and to rid fianna fail out of goverment stating they were bad apples well whats what we as citizens were told to believe they were to blame for this countrys mess regarding the banks if u ask me this goverment are from the same tree(apple). Threating people with this household charge was the last straw

  42. spin from our troika lapdog government is that the household tax is for local services and will be spent as such.What they dont say is that Money that should have been used to pay for local services has gone to pay the banks and the rich bond holders so they want us to replace it by paying the “household tax” Enda Kenny is more concerned about his personal image in Europe and sucking up to Merkel and Sarkozy than he is about the plight of the Irish people.

  43. Just heard Hogan on radio yesterday saying they had no idea who owned what property and this was the reason no bills could be issued, this just proves what many people suspected all along that this €100 was only part of a information gathering exercise so that they would have names and addresses for any future taxes, levies etc which they are ordered by their/our masters in Europe to collect from the hard pressed Irish people, (Just like feudal times) Once they have this information the flood gates will open. They couldn’t even be honest and say straight out that this is what it’s all about. This is the first time during all this austerity that the people have said enough is enough and by god its not before time. Our masters must have been laughing heartily at us all along saying yes sir, yes sir. Of course, it made Kenny and the rest of his over payed muppets look good when they went to Europe after all they were being patted on the back etc. A couple of facts – €37,000 of an increase for an “advisor” equals 370 household charges, how many of these “advisors” are there. The Wine Seller in the dept of foreign affairs was apparently restocked recently at a higher cost than last year I think a figure of €50,000 was mentioned, again equal to 500 household charges. So it looks as though money is not in as such short supply as we are led to believe, provided it is being spent on the “right things”, but then again of course I forgot any of the above is not being wasted on us ordinary mortals after all that would be unforgivable.

  44. When all the members of the dail and seanad take at least a 20 grand pay cut I will pay this charge (it is not a tax).

  45. It is a fact that taxes for public services have been long neglected in this country, however the problem at this point is that we are not actually in receipt of these public services and never will be. The poll/council tax in the uk along with National Insurance (read prsi) are paid by those who in return receive a genuinely free health service, a near as damn it free non-indoctrinated education and other services such as free waste disposal. None of these will ever be paid for by this charge because as has been rightly stated this charge is being used to maintain current levels of “service” while the money that was allocated goes back to the very same investors who are at least in part culpable for this crisis.

    Notwithstanding this the timing of the introduction of such a charge is wholly inept and inapt. The problem all along was that in the good times we were not putting enough money into genuinely needed assets such as those mentioned above. So what do we do? Wait until the economy and the population are on what feels like an inexhorable decline and then force more hardship on it. The whole reason being that those in power in the good times are only interested in power not the good of the country. A genuine public servant would delay the introduction of this until a proper and fair system could be constructed and the economy had some concrete stability.

    Finally what galls me most is the german and French governments heaping criticism and scorn over the running of this economy when they were throwing money at it hand over fist for an easy profit in the last decade. They are just as much a part of the reason for this crisis as our government was and should take just as much of a hit as we have.

  46. this is unreal, tds are saying people wont go to prison, but here is the thing, if you dont pay the household charge then you will go to court to get another braking the bank bill(I mean a fine) and if you dont pay that fine, you will go to jail, well let me ask you one question, ARE THEY OR ARE THEY NOT SENDING YOU TO JAIL??????

    • The programme for government promised to end the practice of imprisoning people who cannot pay fines and debts. The Fine Gael manifesto made the same commitment. Labour promised jailing would be a penalty of last resort for non-violent offenders.

      The programme for government also promised full implementation of the Fine Act 2010, which includes measures to minimise the level of default on fines and to ensure that defaulters are not committed to prison. It requires a court to consider the financial circumstances of a person before the amount of the fine is determined.

      Justice Minister has said that he intends to commence with other provisions in the Act in 2012. These allow for payment of fines by instalment, the appointment of receivers to recover outstanding fines or property to the same value, and the substitution of community service orders for unpaid fines.

      “I expect that these measures, taken together, will all but eliminate the need to commit persons to prison for non-payment of fines,” Mr Shatter said.

    • Well if they do put us to jail we wont go quietly and I hope we will be in the company of the bankers and bertie ahearn squad who have robbed the country of millions-

      We are not paying

  47. article one of the constitution says the people have the individual rite to say no to any tax or charge imposed by the government as they work for us not the other way round this charge is unconstitutional and needs a referendum to put it into law just like any other externally forced doctrine from the gimps in europe

    • john – have you got the exact wording from the constitution to back up what you say ?


  49. Anybody that has paid this charge is a coward and should be ashamed, you’d think we could all just stick together on this one. Gandhi gained independence for an entire country through mass civil dis-obedience but us paddy’s can’t even get out off a little household tax. Its gonna be a very sad day when they start sending out court summons. I also think that this charge will increase every year until your sitting back in a decades time when a bill for a 500 euro household charge pulling your hair out wishing you never registered. I know any letters that come to my house regarding this tax will be thrown in the fire. END OF RANT

  50. I agree with all the above comments and am ashamed of the sheep who have ran into the pen when they are threatened in this way.Basically you are now told it is a privilege to be allowed to live in your own home but will pay whatever we dictate for this priveilege displaying the states control over you in your own home.

    Show me exactly what these charges will pay for and I will do without these services but where is the freedom of choice here.

    DEMOCRACY IS DEAD in this country.The only vote you get is for whatever tyrant is put in fornt of you and then you are told to be quiet for the next five years like a mouse while you pay tax for same to do as their puppetmasters in euroland instruct them.

  51. This is not a “service charge” but rather a tax on home owners. It is a form of triple taxation on those who have struggled to save up to buy a house using what is left from their wages after paying tax, then having to pay 1000s in Stamp Duty, and now this triple taxation for being hardworking enough to buy a home…. !?!?!?
    Also will this bring back in the class system when they eventually base it on the value of your home? I bought my house in what was an “okay” area but in the last 20years this area has now become “upmarket”. This is not my fault or my doing. So if they do base this tax eventually on the value of your home, does this mean that average people like me should sell up and move to an area more “socially fitting” to me where the home tax would be affordable? Totally immoral, especially considering the 1000s of Euro people have already paid out in Stamp Duty etc.

    The saying “Ah sure no matter what happens you will always have your home.” is no more.
    We’ll be back to planting potatoes out the back and hoping that blight doesn’t take them. And we’ll tip our hats to the true landowners of government that we pay tax in order to live in the house…. Makes me so mad!!!

  52. I can only say one thing I have to hand it to the country people of this land who to me are the ones resisting to cough up the money for the Banks

  53. I will not be paying the household charge. To let the council
    tenants off is a disgrace many of whom earn a good living and have no mortgages. . Are we now living in a two tier society.
    I suppose they wont have to pay water charges either. Irish society drives alot of people onto the social welfare system and into council houses because it pays.
    We are not a low tax society, we already pay prsi and universal charges, and private pensions are now been taxed as well as your banklink and credit card, all these taxes do not occur in the uk. We need to stand up to the goverment and europe. We can vote this goverment out and vote no to the treaty.

  54. The main issue with the household charge is its €100 now, but what will it be in 5 yrs time ?. The council tax in the UK runs at about £150 per month for a 3 bed semi. Another issue is looking at the language used by the Government, they intend to pass over all administration and eventual billing down to the local governments. So thus, washing their hands of this awful charge, and leaving us to the mercy of a local authority.
    Also the government have been playing a very canny hand at turning different sectors of society against each other (i.e) people are annoyed that people on social welfare & housing dont have to pay. Please dont ever forget we are in this position because of city fat cats and market speculators. Always divert your anger towards them, cause you can bet they are still counting their ill gotten gains. Household charge, water rates, air tax !!, it all finds it way into their pockets.

  55. The charge is on the PROPERTY not on the person. It is not another income tax. Local authorities and registered social housing bodies are exempt because they derive no personal benefit from property ownership. Private landlords are also obliged to pay. They might try to pass the charge on to tenants. Tenants accept this at their discretion. It is right as it is.

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