The Household Charge – How Many Have Paid ?

The Household Charge  created a lot of publicity  when the March 31st deadline for payment was looming.   Since then – things have been quieter (maybe they are too busy sorting out the septic tank registration ,water meters and property tax) .
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The latest figures on household charge registrations were provided by Minister Hogan recently in the Dail . He stated that as of  8th June  2012,a total of 932,575 property declarations had been processed by the household charge bureau. 915,408 had registered for payment  and  17,167  registered for a waiver. There were also  an estimated 17,700 postal declarations yet to be processed. This gives a total number of 950,275 .

On May 30th the figure was  945,014  – so that is an increase of  about 5000  in just over a week.

We reckon  there are about  1.76 million properties that could be  liable for the Household Charge  (See our calculations here)
So – 950275 works out at  54% of  the  liable properties that have been  registered.

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  1. What are the government going to do with those undeclared properties? are you going to be waived for this?? I would not mind to pay this but working in this way would be redicuous…have your says here please…???

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