Household Charge Leaflets Going Out This Week

The government are sending out a leaflet in February to all homes in Ireland to try and explain the Household Charge.
The Household Charge is a self assessed property based tax – and anyone who is liable is expected to register themselves. No bills are being issued for the Household charge.  It is €100 for 2012 .

The leaflet is headed  – “BETTER COMMUNITIES START AT YOUR DOORSTEP” and is printed in both  English and Irish .   ( Muirear Teaghlaigh is Household Charge in Irish)
If you want to have a preview of the Household Charge leaflet – with it’s nice pictures of libraries, public parks and streets – you can find a copy of it here

The government must be hoping that the leaflets will increase number of people registering – with less than 6% having registered by the 8th February .

Read more about the Household Charge Here – find out the details of exemptions and waivers and who is liable.  Household Charge The Facts

The Household Charge leaflet delivery contract  was awarded to CityPost  – but the actual delivery will probably be carried out by An Post in many rural areas not covered by City Post.

6 thoughts on “Household Charge Leaflets Going Out This Week

  1. I have not as yet seen any official notice that I am liable for this tax – only second-hand information from friends and websites like yours.

    This does not seem to be a fair way of implementing a new tax.

  2. My father is in a nursing home and is not compis mentis. I gather he is exempt from the charge however does someone have to register on his behalf

  3. The household charge is not law but it is legislation. Goverments cannot make law but can make legislation. Legislation refers to legal, not law.

    If you register and declare your liability you will be contracting and entering contract law and are obliged to pay the charge. If you do not pay the charge the local authoritys will pursue the debt as a ‘contract debt’ which is stated in the legislation.

    It is not mandatory to register. If you do not register there is no contract. If there is no contract there is no debt.

    • C.Tone – if what you say is true – then none of our legislation is “law” – so why do we have to follow any of them? I think you are wrong – and that’s putting it mildly.

  4. Someone on radio said yesterday that if you live alone the charge is €75. Is that correct? I haven’t heard that anywhere before

    • Martin – whoever said that was mistaken. It is €100 – and if you haven’t paid it yet – it is now €111 when the late payment fees are added on.

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