Household Charge in Irish – Muirear Teaghlaigh

A challenge in the Hight Court that the Household Charge is unconstitutional is being allowed . The challenge is based on the fact that the legislation is not published in Irish.
But an Irish language version of the household charge legislation will be available next week, the language commissioner said today.

Apparently   both English and Irish versions of the legislation are “with the printers” and would be available next week. The English language version only was available online and law allowed for the publication of acts in one language only on the internet “as an interim measure.

Just for anyone interested – Household Charge is Muirear Teaghlaigh in Irish
More details of the Household Charge Here

With about 1.5 Million people having still not registered for the charge  the   group of nine anti household tax TDs said a massive boycott of the charge was evident

TD Joe Higgins said that if the Government decided to prosecute those who boycotted the charge “the campaign will go in their thousands to the courts and make it a major political issue”.