Household Charge Final Demand Letters

About 50,000 final demand letters are to be sent to  landlords and other second-home owners who have still not paid the household charge.

These letters will be the third warning letter sent to these non payers – the first batch of just over 100,000 was sent in July.

Almost all those who received letters are second-home owners that are  already liable for the non-principal private residence  (NPPR) .

No  warning letters have so far been sent to owners that own and live in their own home.

The Household  Charge registration exercise was carried out in order to build a database of home owners – in preparation for the full blown property tax.

A combination of data from the Revenue Commissioners, ESB Networks and the Department of Social Protection will have to be e used to track down the homeowners that have not yet paid the Household Charge. It could be a long process tracking down the hundreds of thousands of non payers.

Apparently there are plans to issue warning letters to all non-payers by the end of  September.

The Household Charge legislation who fail to pay after the receipt of warning letters could be  liable for fines of up to €2,500, in addition to the charge owed. But – court proceedings will be required to implement any fines.