Household Based Public Broadcasting Charge

There is  already  a tax called the Household Charge in Ireland  – so you would think the government would try and use use a different name for the TV Licence replacement – but they are also referring to it as a Household Charge !
(Read more about the real and original Household Charge here)

At the moment the  television licence system means that apart from certain certain  social welfare recipients, everyone that owns a television is supposed to pay the television licence fee. The current fee is €160 a year.

The  Government are now planning on replacing  the television licence with a ” household based public broadcasting charge ”  which will be  applied to all households – even those without a TV . It will be a blanket charge for everyone

The minister for Communications – Pat Rabbitte – said in the Dail  that his department are  still considering  how to levy and collect the charge.

(We think it is  likely that the broadcasting charge  will be linked to the household registration data that is  being collected for the Household Charge that was introduced this year.)

Mr Rabitte confirmed that there had been  discussions with the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government on the development of a suitable database of eligible households.

The Licence fee raises about €222 million a year – which means it is paid by about  1.38 million households.  The government estimate that about 15% of households evade the fee currently.