Home Insurance Comparison 2012

A recent house insurance price comparison was carried out  for RTE by their consumer expert Tina Leonard . (Pat Kenny Show)
She got just 6 quotes for a 4 Bedroomed semi-detached house – with buildings cover of €250k and contents cover of €75k with accidental damage included.

The cheapest quote was from AA Insurance   was €409 and this was €206.41 cheaper than the most expensive quote.
The most expensive quote was from Axa at €615.41  (excess €350)

The  quote   from AA Home Insurance  was €409  (excess €350. ) You can get further discounts by doing it online and if you are an AA member and if you get a car insurance quote .

Other prices for house insurance in the survey.
€480.97 Allianz (excess €250)
€461 Liberty (excess €250)
€459 Zurich (excess €250)
€455 FBD (excess €250)

Update – June 2012 —  We also did our own quick online survey of house insurance prices. We got online quotes from six insurers or brokers and compared them.  Once again – the AA came out with the lowest price.
We got quotes for insurance on a a 4 Bed detached house in Cavan worth 300k with contents cover of  30k €

The lowest quote we got was €323 from AA Insurance. with a 200 excess. . With a standard excess and accidental damage cover the quote was €353.  This price was €202 less than the most expensive insurance quote we got (from FBD) .

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Once again – this shows that just half an hour of effort can save you a couple of hundred euro. You would have to work a couple of days to get that amount after deductions!

Other home insurance quotes we obtained: (€300k buildings , €30k Contents)

€392  AIB  €250 excess + accidental damage
€447   123.ie  (250 excess + accidental damage cover)
€448  Liberty Insurance
€529  No Nonsense
€555 FBD (accidental cover included)

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4 thoughts on “Home Insurance Comparison 2012

  1. I got a quote with AA INSURANCE recently and for 190,000 building and 75,000 contents they gave me a quote for 456E.. and we have our car insured with them AND currently have our house insurance with them too.. So i dont know why they qouted only 209e. I live in a detached house in the middle of the country, can’t understand being given such a high quote !!! But i will be going elsewhere for my house insurance this time..

  2. As there are many, many renters out there, could you please do a comparison on contents insurance only – perhaps with the addition of those who have motor policies getting benefits if insuring contents also/ many thanks for a wonderful site and for all you do!

  3. I found both Nononsense and Zurich the cheapest so far e370.37. I will be ringing both to make sure accidental damage is actually included before I go back and buy online.

    Nononsense.ie: e370 on 200k rebuilding costs, 40k contents, e300 excess inc accidental damage
    ZurichInsurance.ie: e370 on 200k rebuilding costs, 40k contents, e250 excess inc accidental damage

    AA were e429 so it’s a bit of a jump up from e370

  4. AA is cheapest all right, but to pay by direct debit, they charge 19.5% APR! So probably best to use your credit card than to do a direct debit, unless you make a single payment.

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