Help For Those Affected Financially by COVID-19

Out of Work?

If you have been laid off or lost your job or gone on to reduced hours because of the effect of the virus on your workplace – there is help available from the Dept. of Social Protection. Read more here about the Pandemic Unemployment Payment

If you were working full time and have now gone down to 3 days or less a week – you can claim Short Time Work Support

If you are Self Employed – you can also claim the Pandemic Unemployment Payment – but the rules state you have to have ceased trading to claim.

Off Work Sick or Self Isolating

The Government has announced some changes to the rules for Illness Benefit and Supplementary Welfare Allowance to help people who need to self-isolate and cut down the transmission of coronavirus. Details here ..

Mortgage Holidays

If you have a drop in income and are paying a mortgage – most banks in Ireland will let you have a payment holiday or go on to interest-only payments temporarily. Talk to your lender if you are worried.

For example, Bank of Ireland said it would offer payment breaks or flexible arrangements on mortgages and loans for up to three months for its personal customers.

Ulster Bank will offer mortgage repayment deferral for up to three months as well as other measures such as allowing free access to fixed-term savings, increased overdraft.

Welfare Benefits / Pensions

An Post has said that payments to people who collect their payments in person at post offices but, due to illness or self-isolation, are unable to do so on the due date, will be held over for upto 90 days until they can next attend a post office.
You can also nominate someone else to collect it for you – more info on that here

But – to save yourself going there – you can request future payments to be sent to your bank account instead with this form :

Electricity and Gas Bills

All the energy companies have suspended disconnections and pay-as-you-go gas customers will have emergency credit of €100 during the Covid-19 crisis.  This credit will need to be paid back in full. We suggest that you maintain your normal top up pattern when you can and reserve the emergency gas credit for when you most need it as once you use the credit it will no longer be available to you.


All the banks have announced that they will offer flexibility to their business customers at this time, and they may be able to provide loan repayment holidays or emergency working capital facilities.
More details of some government support available for businesses here.

Revenue have relaxed some of their rules on payments – more on that here

Childcare Providers

The Department Of Children and Youth Affairs subvention towards childcare will continue during the closures announced on 12 March 2020. The department will continue to pay for all government childcare schemes while crèches and preschools are closed.

General Money-Saving Tips

Check our top money saving tips and see how you could cut your bills by over €1000 in one year. A good way to save some money while you are stuck at home with the children.