Heating Oil and Gas Price Rises May 2010

The carbon tax on heating oil will come into effect in Ireland on May 1st 2010. The new tax will result in the price of 1000 litres of kerosene rising by around €43 Euro. If you are going to be ordering heating oil or bulk LPG in the Spring – you can save yourself a few Euro by ordering before the end of April. The current price (Feb 2010) of kerosene is around 62 cent per litre. The Carbon Tax will add 4.3 cent to the price from May 2010. The price of LPG will be rising by about €30 per 1000 litres.

As we mentioned here last December – the new Carbon Tax in Ireland has already been applied to petrol and deisel – and will also be added to Natural Gas in May – adding about €48 a year extra on the bills of a household using 14000 KwH a year. (Around  a 6% increase.)  Gas prices were just reduced in February – but those reductions will be almost wiped out in May.

It might be worthwhile considering upgrading your gas or oil boiler to a higher efficiency one that uses less fuel. Grants are available for boiler upgrades as long as you upgrade the heating contols at the same time. See more about Grants for Boilers here.