Health Levy Refunds of Overpayments

It is possible that many people could be due a refund of the  Health Levy .
The Health Levy was abolished from Jan 2011 – but some people may have had too much deducted from their wages in 2010 / 2009 or earlier.

You could be  due a Health Levy refund  from 2008 , 2009 or 2010 if your gross annual  income  was less than €26,000  year  AND you  earned more than €500 in at least one week in those years.

The levy was calculated on a weekly basis – so in cases where an employees weekly pay fluctuated above and below €500, but the total annual pay during  was not more than €26,000, the employee may claim a refund of the Health Levy.

This would apply in particular to workers who varied their hours week by week – such as nurses , carers  and many low paid  part time workers.

The health levy was originally  paid at the rate of 2%  – but was increased to 4% in 2009.
So – For example – if you earned €700 in 4 of the  weeks in 2009 or 2010 you would have been charged €112 health levy.  The overpayments could easily add up to enough to cover the Household Charge in some cases.

The Dept of Social Protection say they have paid out Ten Million Euro in Health Levy Refunds to date . (Av of €385 per applicant). You have to apply – they will not just give it to you.

If you think you are entitled to a PRSI or Health Levy refund, apply in writing to: PRSI Refunds Section, Oisin House, Pearse Street, Dublin 2, giving your name, address and PPS number.
A copy of the P60 for the previous tax year would help speed things up.

Tel: (01) 6732586   or  Fax: (01) 6732460