Health Insurance Rebates

The Government made an arrangement with private hospitals to provide extra beds to the HSE in preparation for an increase in coronavirus cases. It meant that about 2,000 beds in private hospitals became available to the HSE. The deal is going to cost the HSE around €115 million a month and is initially for 3 months.

Most non-emergency procedures, to be funded by health insurance, were cancelled in both private and public hospitals.

This meant therewas a lot less cover being provided to health insurance members. Maternity care and psychiatric care were still being covered by health insurers but most other procedures were been dramatically reduced.

Rebates of Health Insurance Premiums


VHI are going to waive an average of 50% of the premiums paid by customers . The exact waiver amount will vary depending on your plan(s), and will range between 45% – 60%. VHI will be writing to every customer to inform them exactly what will happen .
The waiver is proposed for three months, effective from mid May 2020, however, if there is an extension or curtailment to the partnership agreement between the HSE and the Private Hospital Association (PHA), this waiver will be adjusted.

Those paying by direct debit will see the premium amount taken reduced for three months. Those who paid upfront will get a refund and those in company schemes will see their benefit-in-kind payment reduced.


Laya will pay rebates at fixed amounts for all customers.
Adults will get €195 and children €60

Laya is refunding directly into bank accounts . They will pay in the same way they would ay back on your everyday medical claims, via your preferred method of payment. . You can verify the account they will pay into by logging into your Member Area. The refund will be paid in three instalments from April to June. They aim to pay the first instalment by the 30th of April 2020.

Irish Life Health

ILH will lower premiums by between 17% and 60%, depending on the plan, for April, May and June.
Customers with private hospital cover (advanced plans) will receive between 36% and 60% of their monthly premium back.
Those on plans with largely public hospital cover (non-advanced plans) will receive between 17% and 21% depending on their specific policy.

All insurers are also promising to be flexible when people are unable to pay their health premiums, keeping them on cover.