Get Cashback Rewards with a KBC Credit Card

KBC have recently launched a new Credit Card in Ireland that will “reward” you with a 1% credit of what you spend online or in grocery shops.

With the bank transaction charges on  debit cards – it can be cheaper to do most of your spending with a credit card anyway. The 1% cashback would be worth €10 on every €1000 spent on grocery or online. (€10 a month is the maximum cashback they allow)
One percent may not sound like much – but at the end of  a year you could see total reward credits on your card of upto €120.  Spending €250 a month at grocery shops with the card would get you €30 over a year  – enough to cover the annual stamp duty charged by the government.
The temptation with credit cards is that you will spend more than you can really afford. That is what the credit card companies are hoping – so they can charge you some interest. Just be sure to pay off the balance in full each month and don’t spend more than you can afford.    You can apply by phone on   1800 51 52 53

Tesco Ireland also have a long running reward scheme on their credit card.. You get  3 clubcard points for each €2 spent in Tesco or 1 point for every €2 spent elsewhere. i.e.  Each  point gets you  vouchers to the value of  1 cent off your Tesco Shopping  – but they  can also be exchanged for upto 4 times their value for other “rewards”  such as discounts at restuarants or attractions or travel.  outlets.

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  1. With Tesco you get 0.5% back in points, but I change that for Bordg. electricity bill (double) so I get 1% back and it is the money I spand anyway. And I usually get much more than 120 euro that I would get with KBC. So poor deal.

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