Gas Price Rise of 7% Likely in October

Bord Gais still has to get agreement from the Energy Regulator when it wants to increase prices . Bord Gais has have requested a 7.22% increase from October 2013. The regulator will decide on the increase in September.

In 2012 – Bord Gais increased it’s gas prices by 8.5% See Here.

Any price increase will probably be copied by the other providers (Electric Ireland , Airtricity and Flogas).

It will not be long before Bord Gais is fully deregulated and will be able to set it’s own prices.  Deregulation cannot happen until Bord Gais market share falls below 60%  – and it was 60.9% in June 2013 .

This price deregulation will be good timing for whoever buys Bord Gais Energy  now that it is up for sale.