Gas Price Increases October 2011

As announced back in July  (Bord Gais Increase Proposed)   – from today (Oct 1st) Bord Gais have increased the prices they charge for gas.  At the same time all the other gas suppliers have increased their prices .
Bord Gais have been told by the energy regulator that they can raise prices by 22% – even though they wanted to increase prices by more.  ESB – Electric Ireland , Flogas and Airtricity all supply gas now and all have increased prices in line with the Bord Gais increase.

You will see from our comparison of gas prices in Ireland – that Flogas are still the cheapest and Bord Gais the most expensive.
For someone  who uses gas for heating and hot water in a 4 bedroomed detached house – the annual gas bills could be as much as €1230 a year with Bord Gais after these increases (based on 20000 kw/h).  This will be an increase of around €225 a year.
By switching to Flogas and paying by direct debit – the bill could be reduced to €1069 a year – a saving of  €162 Euro.