Get Free Insulation in Dublin with the Warmth and Wellbeing Scheme

A pilot scheme to install free insulation and other energy efficiency measures in certain households was running in Dublin prior to Feb 2022 It was called the “Warmth and Wellbeing” and was piloted in selected areas of Dublin. Any new eligible applications for the scheme received on or after 28 February 2022 were transferred to the Warmer Homes Scheme.

Under the scheme – households where a member has a chronic respiratory disease and who met other requirements were eligible for things such as free wall insulation and attic insulation or even new boilers.
Who was Eligible for the Scheme ?

Eligibility for the scheme was limited. To receive support the following criteria had to be met:

  • The applicant is over 55 years of age; or aged 12 or under.
  • A member of the household must be in receipt of fuel allowance; (OR the one parent family payment in respect of a child applying);
  • The applicant must be living with  chronic respiratory disease ie Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Asthma  and be referred to the programme by a HSE official;
  • The applicant must reside within Dublin 8, 10 , 12 ,  22 or 24
  • The home must be owner-occupied or rented from a local authority/approved housing association.

Eligible persons were referred by local healthcare professionals only. HSE staff could identify potential candidates and screen them based on the eligibility criteria.

The pilot scheme was limited to carrying out energy efficiency improvements  . 

The specific improvements for each house will be determined by a survey carried out by the  SEAI . There will be no cost to the household .

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8 thoughts on “Get Free Insulation in Dublin with the Warmth and Wellbeing Scheme

    • The scheme doesn’t start till March. It seems that the HSE will be the main drivers of this scheme. When it starts up you should maybe talk to your GP or contact the HSE directly.

    • The scheme has not yet started – but whn it does , it seems the HSE will be coordinating it.

    • i wish to apply for free insulation with the Warmeth and Wellbeing Scheme we are both pensioners in our seventies

      • Hi Anthony
        You need to contact the HSE to see if you are eligible first.
        Try calling them on : 01 4275032 or call the SEAI on Freephone 1800 250 204 for advice.


  1. Hi… This is the scheme I need ..however I live in Galway County.. do you know if this scheme will be implemented there.

  2. So how come every scheme introduced in this country is based on a lottery system? So I am 70 next month. My husband is 75 and has cancer and Renauds which means his fingers go white and numb even in the house if we don’t have the heat blasting.. I take a perpetual inhaler for asthma. It appears you do not qualify if you live in Dublin 16 as opposed to D 8,10, 12, 22 or 24! I reckon more taxes are paid from D 16 houses but the benefits go to other postal codes. It’s the same MIckey Mouse stuff when it comes to the housing situation and young “Middle Class” people trying to put a roof over their heads and raise their child/ children.I’m done!

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