Free GP Visits for all aged Over 69 regardless of Income

Since Wednesday, 5 August 2015, everyone aged 70 years or over, ordinarily resident in Ireland, is eligible for free GP care regardless of income.

All people aged 70 or over who do not already have a medical card or GP Visit card can  register online here  for a GP visit card .

Alternatively, you can download an application form (PDF) and print it  or request an application form by calling 1890 252 919. Registration forms will also be available from Community Health Offices.

As with the free GP services for children – not all GPs are joining the scheme. You can see a list of all the GPs who have signed up to  provide free services to people aged 70 or more . List Here

Currently, any one aged 70 or more cannot get a GP visit card if their income is over a certain limit. The limits are €700 a WEEK for a single person and €1,400 a WEEK for a couple .Those limits are now being removed.
So – prior to August 5th – a couple with income over €72,800 a year were not eligible for a free GP visit card – but from Aug 5th they will be able to get one if they want.


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  1. Your post says anyone over 69………..then when i open up i see anyone over 70………..which age is correct ?

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