Extra Cold Weather Winter Fuel Payments

There have been some calls for extra fuel allowance payments because of the ongoing spell of cold weather .  On Feb 27th – the Dept of Social Protection was referring people to the Exceptional Needs Payments if they were having problems paying for extra heating.
After a bit of a row in the Dail on Tuesday – there seems to have been a change of mind and it has now been confirmed by Minister Regina Doherty that the Fuel Allowance will be doubled for this week (€45 instead of €22.50).
The extra payment will be made in the week beginning March 12th.

(Ppeople who opted for lump sums instead of weekly fuel allowance will also get the extra €22.50 paid into their bank account in that week)

There has been a “Cold Weather Payment” made in a similar situation in the past in Ireland. Back in 2010/2011 there was a long cold spell and €40 extra was paid out to Fuel Allowance recipients. That was equivalent to 2 weeks extra Fuel Allowance.  See : 2010 Cold Weather Payment

In the UK – a cold weather payment of £25 is paid on top of their Winter Fuel Payment when there are 7 consecutive days where the temperature is zero centigrade or lower. This extra payment has been triggered in many UK areas this week.
It is targeted to specific postcodes based on Met Office figures. ( Note:  the total UK Winter Fuel Allowance is a maximum of £300 . Here in Ireland  it is €607.50)


More about Winter Fuel Allowance in Ireland  here

12 thoughts on “Extra Cold Weather Winter Fuel Payments

  1. Do I extra 22 50 this week because if the bad weather I an eldley would I. Be ineligible to it I get my money into the bank

  2. I turn 70 in sept.30 2018, do I get winter fuel all, automatically or do I have to apply.

  3. All recipients shoud get the extra week payment in teh week beginning March 12th

  4. Hi I am on invalidity allowance and I took the two lump some payments of fuel allowance, I get paid through the bank, but I didn’t receive the bonus fuel allowance, should I have getting it this week aswell as everyone else thank you, Seamus Fogarty,

    • As it says it the article – the extra fuel allowance is due to be paid in the week beginning 12th March

  5. Is this to everyone includeing if u get ure money threw bank

  6. If u get it in the post office will u get it with ure payment weekly

  7. I’m grateful for the extra money,
    But a second bonus would help to pay
    For the money taken out of my meter every night for the government for dirt tax
    Gas and electric.

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