eVoting Machines finally Sold for Scrap

The ongoing fiasco of the eVoting machines that cost Irish taxpayers around €50 Million – has come to an end.

Phil Hogan has  announced that a contract has been awarded for the disposal of the electronic voting equipment. KMK Metals Recycling Ltd will be paying €70,267 for them  and will be recycling them.

The eVoting machines were bought in 2002 by the Fianna Fail government at a cost of around €50 million  . They  were going to be used  in all  votes at local, general and European elections, and in referendums.
Two years after  they were bought it was determined that the lack of a paper trail and other security issues meant they could not be used.
Since then – storage costs have been  €3.2 million

As well as  the 7,500 Voting Machines there are also other items such as  : 154 Programme Reading Units  ; 12,842 Ballot Modules ; 292 storage Cases ; 1,232 Transport Trolleys ; 2,142 Hand Trolleys  ; 4,787 Metal Tilt Tables  ; 918 Tray Attachments for Tables.