Electric Ireland Higher Standing Charges for Low Usage

Most people are probably not aware that  Electric Ireland had higher electricity standing charges for  Low Usage Customers.

The Low Usage Standing Charge no longer applies from May 1st 2022.

It was €31 a year more than the normal standing charge.

This equated to approximately € 5.25 (inc. VAT)  extra per two monthly billing period.
The higher charge was only applicable to customers who use on average 2 kWh or less of electricity per day, equivalent to less than 122 kWh over 2 months.

The Low Usage Standing Charge did not apply to customers in receipt of a Free Electricity Allowance or  customers on Household Budget Plan and Pay As You Go meters

This higher charge was aimed mainly at vacant properties .

The charge was been in place since 2012 – but was abolished in May 20222 .
Electric Ireland said it is to “enable them to recover the costs associated with providing electricity to customers with very low consumption. These costs include a combination of the fixed charges associated with meter reading, network maintenance and a share of the supply costs incurred in servicing electricity accounts.”

Other electricity providers didn’t have a low usage charge.

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