Electricity and Gas Price Reductions

A few of the Irish energy suppliers recently announced forthcoming price cuts – and we expect the rest of them to follow suit soon.

Last week Electric Ireland said they will be reducing electricity prices by 10% and gas prices by 12%. New rates will be effective from November 1st.

SSE Airtricity announced that electricity rates will be reduced by 12% and gas rates reduced by 10% from November 1st  . 

Energia price cuts will see gas and smart electricity rates reduced by 20% with standard electricity rates reduced by 15%. New rates will be effective from October 3rd.

Prepay Power has announced a 13.5 per cent cut in gas rates and 12.8% cut in electricity from the beginning of November

Flogas are going to cut electricity and gas prices for its customers by up to 30 per cent from November 6th.

The latest company to announce price reductions was Bord Gais Energy. They will reduce the unit rates of both gas and electricity by 15.5% and they will also to cut standing charges by the same percentage. The reductions will take effect from November 9.

We will update our figures on the Cheapest Gas and Electricity suppliers as soon as the price changes take place.

The easiest way to cut your fuel bills is to switch suppliers.

For example , someone currently with Flogas , using average amounts of electricity would be paying €2978 a year .  If they switched to the cheapest electricity deal from SSE , they could make a significant saving of €1289 a year. (Note: Flogas may reduce prices in the next few weeks).