Eir Refund – Fake Emails in Circulation

Eir (Previously known as Eircom)  have advised their customers about a fraudulent e-mail that seems to heve been doing the rounds in late May and early June 2016.
The email appears to come from Eir (but it doesn’t) and it tells customers they are due a refund because of a broadband outage.  The email has a link to a fake Eir login page where the scammers try to send people to claim teh refund and where they probably hope to obtain some sensitive information from them.

This type of fraud is known as “phishing”
Do not click on any links in an email you are unsure of and if you get this email you should  report it as spam to your email provider by clicking on “mark as spam” within the email.

The correct link to the Eir login page is this  https://my.eir.ie/eir/transactional/login