EBS and Haven Raise Fixed Mortgage Rates

EBS announced earlier this week that it would raise variable rate mortgages from May 1st – but they didn’t mention fixed rates.
Now today – they have increased  all their fixed rate mortgages . They did get some bad publicity this week because they were offering existing customers higher fixed rates than new customers – so that might have prompted these changes?

The EBS fixed rates have risen in some cases by as much as 0.45% – these are the changes:
1 year fixed rate was 2.7% now 3.15%
2 Year fixed rate was 3.1% now 3.4%
3 Year fixed rate was 3.49% now 3.75%
5 Year fixed rate was 4.2% now 4.35%

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Haven also raised fixed rates today  (EBS’s broker arm) –