€80 Fine For Worn Tyres from Today

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport,  has  announced a new Fixed Charge Notice (FCN) offence for motorists who drive with defective or worn tyres on their vehicle.
Although it is already an offence to drive a vehicle with defective or worn tyres, there will now be a fixed charge (or fine) of €80, with two penalty points endorsed on the licence on payment of the fixed charge for commission of the offence, or four penalty points following conviction in court. The new regulations take effect from Sunday, 17th April 2016.

The RSA advises that motorists should have their tyres checked once a month by calling into a garage and having them looked at by an expert; most will do this free of charge. When buying tyres, drivers should make sure that they are right for the vehicle and the type of driving envisaged. Drivers should also make sure that the tyre has plenty of thread, and is above the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Figures show that Defective tyres were the biggest factor, representing almost two thirds of all vehicle faults identified as contributing to a collision – so it is estimated that poor tyres could have contributed to the cause of the death of 71 people on Irish roads in the past five years.