Government Electricity Credits

When Will the Next Government Electricity Credit be paid?

Further electricity credits were announced in Budget 2024

All domestic electricity customers will get €450 off their electricity bills. The credits will be paid in 3 instalments of €150. These payments will be made automatically between the end of 2023 and April 2024.

The first payment of €150 was made in December 2023, the second was in January 2024 and the third is due in March 2024.

  • The first credit instalment of €150 (€136.50 + €13.50 VAT) was available from December 1, 2023. Some households may not see this credit on their bill until January or February 2024 depending on when they are billed.
  • The second credit instalment of €150 (€136.50 + €13.50 VAT) was available from January 1, 2024. Some households may not get this credit until February or March 2024 depending on when they are billed.
  • The third credit instalment of €150 (€136.50 + €13.50 VAT) will be available from March 1, 2024.

The law covering these credits is the ” Electricity Costs (Emergency Measures) Domestic Accounts Bill 2023″

Electricity Credits in 2022 .

A total of €800 was paid to each household in Ireland in the form of electricity bill credits in 2022

Approximately 2.1 million domestic electricity account holders in Ireland benefitted from the first Government Electricity Credit Scheme for a one-off credit of €200 on their electricity accounts in April 2022.

Further payments of electricity allowances were announced in Budget 2023. There was a total credit of €600 paid on all household electricity bills , made as three separate credits of €200 on the bi-monthly bills starting in November 2022 .

Electricity Credit For Prepay Customers

The electricity allowances or credits will also be given to prepayment customers as €150 credit / top up codes that could be entered on their accounts.

We recommend you continue topping up prepay meters (even €10 a week) after receiving your government electricity credit to help you build a cushion for your extra energy usage in winter. 

If you have an older pre-pay meter that has a pre-pay limit, you may have to redeem each of your electricity credits over separate top-ups (vends), over the space of a few days. To redeem your credits, you should pay €10 towards your electricity. Your credit will then be automatically added to the top-up. (one credits of €90 and one of €60) You should allow one day between each €10 payment.

Government Credits After Switching Electricity Provider

If you switch electricity suppliers before the credit can be applied to your bill – you should still get paid the credit by your old electricity supplier , by bank transfer or cheque .

Other Help With Fuel Bills

Thousands of households get help towards fuel bills with the Winter Fuel Allowance . The fuel allowance amounts to €924 a year for eligible households.
Due to increasing energy costs – the government paid an extra €625 to all fuel allowance recipients in 2022.
More people should be able to qualify for the Fuel Allowance in 2024 because of changes to the income thresholds. Read more about Claiming Fuel Allowance 2024.

Under the Household Benefit Scheme, about 400,00 people also receive €35 a month towards electricity OR gas all year round. That works out at €420 a year per claimant. Some of these people will also qualify for the Fuel Allowance.

More here about Cost of Living Payments in 2023

VAT on Energy Bills :

The VAT on gas and electricity was temporarily cut from 13.5 per cent to 9 per cent . See VAT Rates Ireland

The VAT rate on energy is not due to go back up to 13.5% until October 2024.

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Problems Paying Energy Bills?

If you are facing difficulty paying your electricity or gas bill, you should contact your supplier and seek to agree on a payment plan. Energy suppliers must arrange practical payment plans to assist domestic customers who have built up arrears. Any repayment arrangements must take into account the customer’s circumstances and must be reasonable and affordable.

The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) is the State’s money advice service, guiding people through dealing with problem debt. MABS runs a Helpline (0818 07 2000) Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm)

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