Have you received a Property Tax Letter Yet ?

The Revenue Commissioners are still posting out forms to the  the 1.6 million properties that could be liable for the Local Property Tax (LPT) .
On April 5th they reported that they had sent out forms to just over 1.3 million properties  . So – don’t worry,  or think they have missed you out  – they had at least another 300,000 to send out.

If an LPT form hasn’t come through your letterbox yet it should  arrive before the third week of April . More details about the LPT1 Form Here

If you do own a house and you don’t get a Property Tax form or letter by the middle of April  – it might be a good idea to get in touch with Revenue. If you don’t – the tax will end up getting paid when you sell the house or pass it on after death . It might be less hassle to sort it out now.

The data that Revenue are working from is a mish mash of Household Charge data , Revenue’s own data , and data from  Private Tenancy Registrations.  With less than 70% of homes registered for the Household Charge – it was always going to be a hard job to try and match  houses with the owners.
In rural areas especially – there could be people with the same surname in the same village or townland.  Two siblings could live in the same house – but Revenue won’t know that (The postman probably does). Revenue might assume there are 2 houses – so they will probably get two letters with different property references.

People should not ignore any of the forms . Even if you get two and fill in one – don’t ignore the second form.  Get in touch with Revenue and tell them what has happened.
If you  get an LPT1 form and you are not the owner – again don’t ignore it. If you ignore it they will assume you are liable and will be looking for the “estimated amount” as shown on the form.

There is a space on the form to say you are not liable – and to give the name and PPS number of the liable person.

Revenue say you can contact them if you get a form by mistake – email :  lpt@revenue.ie or Phone 1890 200 255.  That 1890 number will not be included in any free bundled calls from your provider – so an alternative number is 01 7023049  which could work out cheaper.

The postal  address is  LPT Branch, P.O. Box 1, Limerick

www.revenue.ie property tax


Note:  People who use the Revenue Online service  for self assessment of taxes – will not be getting an LPT1 form in the post. These people need to check their email for notification about their Property Tax Return. If you have changed your email address in the past year – you will need to login to ROS to check the Inbox there.

More Information about Property Tax Here