Disability Allowance Cuts in Budget 2012

Disability Allowance – Budget 2012
The age of  entitlement for new claimants is being raised to 18 in line with other social welfare payments. (16 and 17 year olds will no longer be able to claim Disability Allowance)  BUT –  The age of entitlement for Domiciliary Care Allowance will be extended from 16 years to 18 years of age.

The  rates of payment for new claimants aged 18 to 21 are being cut from €188 to €100 a week .
The rate for new claimants aged 22 to 24  is being cut from €188 to  €144  a week.

Changes take effect from January 2012

UPDATE  ( On 7 December it was announced that these changes are  under review and may not be implemented.)

4 thoughts on “Disability Allowance Cuts in Budget 2012

  1. Joke I’m on disability allowance and living on my own how could I afford to sirvive on €100 a week and with the increase in collage fees can’t go back to collage. It’s alright for them ministers to cut other people income but there happy to take there €100000 a year joke absoutle joke

  2. I am confused as regards what is meant by new claimants.
    My son is on disability allowance at the moment and he will be 18 yrs old in January 2012. Will he be classed as a new claimant and will his allowance be cut to €100 per week?

    • I am 18 years old and on disability benifit since i was 18 ,im receiving 188 euro per week.am i stil going to get 188 as i am on the disability for 2 years??

  3. Hi – just wondering if someone can answer a question…my son applied for disability 2 weeks ago… He will be 16 at end of January. When is the cut off date for applications for d rates and age criteria.

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