Debit Card Spending and ATM Limits in Ireland

Most of the banks and card providers in Ireland set daily limits on how much can be spent on debit cards. There are also daily ATM cash withdrawal limits on most debit cards.
the number of monthly ATM withdrawals in Ireland fell drastically during Covid -but they have been rising since January 2021. During that month, 5.23 million withdrawals were made, compared with 7.95 million withdrawals in June 2022.

In March 2024 total ATM cash withdrawal value in Ireland was €1.14 billion.

Debit Card Daily Spending Limits

  • EBS: €2,000 ;
  • PTSB: €2,500 ;
  • N26: €5000 ;
  • Revolut max of £5,000 in a 96 hour period.
  • AIB: €7,100 ( €5,000 max per transaction) .
  • Bank of Ireland : No Limit

    Of course – with all these debit cards , you will not be able to spend more than the balance on your account.

How Much Are ATM Withdrawal Limits in Ireland ?

The use of cash has declined in recent years – even more so since Covid. If you do need a large amount of cash this is how much your bank will let you take out from an ATM on one day.

Irish ATM Daily Cash Withdrawal Limits

These are the daily ATM withdrawal limits for the various bank cards in Ireland. (Lowest First)

  • EBS  €600
  • AIB  €600
  • Bank of Ireland  €700
  • PTSB €700
  • N26  €2500 (can be lowered if requested)
  • Revolut  £3000 (about €3300)

Some banks might allow you to temporarily increase the daily withdrawal amount. For example, BOI can increase it to €1300 on request.

ATM Limits at Banks

Most Irish Bank ATMs will have a transaction limit of €700 – regardless of your actual card limit. If you need to take out more than this you will need to make more than one transaction. Some Irish ATMs inside bank branches will have higher limits – sometimes up to €2000 .

The average ATM cash withdrawal amount in Ireland increased during the Covid lockdown. This was combined with a lower number of transactions at ATMs, suggesting that people were concentrating their cash withdrawals into a small number of ATM visits.

The average ATM cash withdrawal increased from €137 in the first week of March 2020 to around €178 by the first week of April 2020 . In the previous twelve months, the average withdrawal was around €133 per transaction.

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All figures checked Apr 2024