Cost of Learning to Drive in Ireland

How much does it cost to learn to drive a car in Ireland ?

The cost of learning to Drive in Ireland has gradually become more expensive in recent years.  To begin with , the various fees and charges for tests, permits and lessons can easily mount up to around €800 in 2023.
On top of that is the extra cost of insurance.

Driver Theory Test

The first step required in learning to drive a car is to pass the  Driver Theory Test. This costs €45 for a car.

To help you pass this test you will probably also need a  copy of  The Official Driver Theory Test Questions and Answers. This costs about €20.

Learners Permit

The next step is to get a Learner’s Permit  (Provisional Licence). You can now apply online or in person at one of the  National Driver Licence Service NDLS centres located around the country.  Learner permits for cars and work vehicles are valid for 2 years (or 1 year in certain circumstances)
The cost of a learners permit is €35.

cost of learning to drive in ireland

Eyesight report 

A completed Driving Licence Eyesight Report Form must accompany all first learner permit applications.
The typical cost of a driving eyesight test is €20 . You cannot get this done under PRSI benefits.

Essential Driver Training course.

Before taking a driving test you must undertake a mandatory 12 hours of driving lessons. This is known as the EDT (Essential Driver Training)

Each lesson in the EDT covers a specific area of driving skills – the lessons are in a set order and must be recorded in a personal EDT logbook.

Everyone must complete the full EDT of 12 lessons lasting 1 hour each before taking a driving test

How Much Do Essential Driver Training Lessons Cost?

There is no set charge for EDT lessons and each driving instructor sets their own price.
In a quick survey of sample EDT driving lesson prices around Ireland in mid 2023 – we found charges for 12 EDT lessons ranging from €500 to €650.  The common price seems to be around €550.

Driving Test

A driving test for a car costs €85.  If you pass the test you can then apply for your full Driving License.

Driving License Prices

A Ten-year driving licence costs €55.

So – the overall minimum cost of learning to drive and getting a ten-year driving licence will typically be  €810 .

This does not include any extra lessons outside of the 12-hour mandatory lessons or any extra insurance premiums which would be needed if you were to drive your own car or a family car.

Of course – once you have passed the test you will need to get insurance too.

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Figures checked Aug 2023