Coping With Young Children Off School

All the schools have closed for the foreseeable future, but children still need to be educated and entertained. We have rounded up a few tips on the best ways to go about coping with home learning .

Try to stick to a routine and even a timetable. It makes home learning easier and helps the children realise that they are not on holiday.
Try and let your child be involved in deciding the structure or timetable for the week.

Have plenty of movement breaks – such as dancing , walking pets or playing games like “Simon Says “

Contact with schoolfriends is important – and these days it can easily be done online. But you should try to ensure any chats are friendly while also trying to reduce screen time . If they are learning , take their phone off them. Too much screen time can be bad for physical and mental health and can also disrupt sleep.

As well as any set work – try to get them to practise essential English and maths – times tables, division facts and addition/subtraction strategies. Encourage them to write for pleasure about what they’ve done that day or just to write stories. Read read read . Reading anything counts

Get them doing things like baking, painting , play-dough, junk modelling, papier-mache. Let your children experiment Also try to get outdoors in the garden essential to reduce boredom .

Praise them for everything they do.

Try at all times to keep your children feel happy, safe and secure. The best learning can take place in that environment.

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