Confusion over Unfinished Estates and Household Charge

There has been  some confusion in County Wexford over the list of unfinished estates that can get a waiver from the Household Charge. The director of planning services Eamonn Hore  said that through  investigations they have now ruled out the 30-year-old Carricklawn estate in Wexford town, despite it being understood that residents there did qualify for the waiver, an issue raised by Cllr George Lawlor last week.

Mr Hore said that when they investigated further they found out that the development in question was in fact a new one, called Brookside, which contains four houses.

The vast majority of those listed are estate names, but some of those listed by the department were townlands, which is going to cause confusion,’ said Mr Hore.

He acknowledged that adding to this confusion was that the department had previously published a list of unfinished estates in Co Wexford, which did contain Carricklawn .

The silly thing is – that the list as supplied has to be used for waivers in 2012 . Even if it turns out to be wrong –  residents of any of the developments later taken off it will still not be liable for this year’s household charge.

The List – as it was originally published in the second week of Jan 2012 can be found here ;
County Wexford Unfinished Estates