Confirmation that Water Charges to start October 2014

As we expected –  householders in Ireland  will  be charged for water from October 2014 , with the first quarterly bills going out in January 2015.
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The Troika wanted water charges to begin earlier in 2014 – but Minister Hogan confirmed that agreement has  been reached with the Troika to delay the start date to Quarter 4 2014, with the first bills issuing in January 2015.

Minister Hogan also mentioned that where a leakage is found on the customers side during  water meter installation  – there will be a scheme to cover the “first fix for free”.

Minister Hogan also mentioned that there will be price reductions or free water allowances  for low income households and certain  people with medical conditions that require a high level of water use. The full water charging structure will be established by the Regulator.

We made some estimates here  – of How Much Water Charges Might Be

Intstallation of water meters is  finally due to start this month (July) and homeowners should  receive a letter two weeks before their meter is to be installed and will receive a reminder a couple of days in advance of the installation.
Water will be turned off for no more than two hours during the installation process. Meter installation is expected to continue until late 2016. See more here about Water Meters

The names of the companies who have won the tenders to oversee the  installation of water  meters have still not been released.

The website for Irish Water will be