Cheap Phone Calls to Northern Ireland

Did you know that you can save money on calls from the Republic of Ireland to  Northern Ireland  by using  the 048 code ?

Normally –  calls to the UK from Ireland need to be prefixed with the international dialing code for the UK  which is 0044 .

But – phone calls to landlines  in Northern Ireland  can be dialled with an 048  national code instead  . It will not work for calls to mobile phones. It will work when making calls from a mobile phone.

All Northern Ireland landline numbers are prefixed by 028. So – if  you are calling a fixed-line number in Northern Ireland from the Republic, just replace the 028 code with 048.
For example, to call Belfast 028 123456 99 from the Republic, you should dial 048 123456 99    (not 0044 28 123456 99)

All calls to 048 numbers will be charged the same rate as any call within Ireland.
For many people – these numbers will be included in their “free” allocation – so will not cost any extra at all.

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