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Financial Help With Internet Access During Covid-19 Crisis

It was announced today that all the major internet providers in Ireland have signed up to a Telecommunications Consumer Charter. This is a set of commitments to assist and help customers in the use of electronic communications during ...
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Broadband with Unlimited Downloads

These days - with all the streaming and downloading of  Films ,TV , music and video games  -  many people are hitting the monthly download limits of their internet providers. If you go above your data transfer limit ...
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Best Mobile Data Allowances in Ireland

There has been a massive increase in the use of smartphones in Ireland  - it is estimated there were 4.5 million active smartphone SIMS at the start of 2019 These smartphones are used for much more than simply ...
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Mobile Provider Complaints in Ireland

Consumers will usually try and find the lowest prices on mobile phone services - but maybe price is not the only factor you should consider when choosing a mobile network provider. Coverage is very important - as is ...
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Mobile Phone Roaming Charges

This information is from 2011 Find the The latest updates on on EU Roaming Charges Here. Many people may have been hit by large mobile phone bills after being abroad during the summer. Mobile phone roaming charges have ...
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