Motor Tax Changes in 2021

Motor Tax amounts in Ireland have not been changed for a few years - but in Budget 2021 there were some adjustments to motor tax on some cars. There were no changes to motor tax rates in 2021 ...
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Budget 2021: A Summary

The 2021 Budget was announced at 1pm Tuesday 13th October 2020. A summary of the main items that will directly affect people's income or outgoings is given below .Updated October 16th 9 am Summary of Budget 2021 Income ...
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Motor Tax Cuts in Budget 2016

Motor Tax on cars and motorbikes was untouched in Budget 2016 - but there were some big reductions in the tax on commercial vehicles. The motor tax is based on the weight of the vehicle  - and some ...
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Car Tax – New Off The Road Rules

New rules come into force today (July 1st) that will make if harder to avoid paying motor tax by declaring that your car was off the road It is thought that thousands of people each year drive untaxed ...
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Motor Tax Too Easy to Avoid in Ireland

A recent report published by the Comptroller and Auditor General about Motor Tax in Ireland showed that there is  non compliance by at least 5% of car owners. About 2.4 million vehicles were taxed in 2011 and paid ...
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New Year Cuts and Extra Charges in 2012

The new Year of 2012 will see the implementation of several  of new and increased charges as well as a some cuts to the income of many people in Ireland. Many of the changes announced in the 2012 ...
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