nigeria money

Sending Money To Nigeria From Ireland

There are millions of Euro sent to Nigeria from Ireland every year . The exact figure is not known - but in 2017 there were two estimates of €17million and €473 million ! (A big difference) The estimate ...
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buy sterling

Best Place to Buy Sterling in Ireland

If you are travelling to the UK you might want to bring some cash with you. Don't assume that somewhere offering "commission-free" currency will give you the best deal. Exchange rates will change every day - and there ...
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transfer dollars

Currency Exchange for Business.

The total value of Irish exports to Britain in 2019 was €13.5 billion and the value of imports from the UK was €18.7 billion. So the role of Currency Exchange for Businesses in Ireland can be very significant ...
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Bank Charges

Online Shoppers Could be Charged €80 Million in Fees By Irish Banks

Online shopping continues to grow at a fast rate in Ireland . Irish consumers have done even more of their shopping online during the coronavirus pandemic. Before you start spending online - it can be useful to know ...
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London Tips

Tips for a Trip to London

A short trip to London from Ireland can work out quite good value - especially that the Euro to Sterling Exchange rate is still fairly good for Irish visitors .Here are a few of our top tips for ...
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