Motor Tax Changes in 2021

Motor Tax amounts in Ireland have not been changed for a few years - but in Budget 2021 there were some adjustments to motor tax on some cars. There were no changes to motor tax rates in 2021 ...
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electric cars in ireland

Electric Cars in Ireland – Some Facts and Figures

How Many Electric Cars are there in Ireland? As at August 2020 - there were just over 17,000 electric vehicles in Ireland. When we give figures for electric vehicles we mean cars and vans that are fully electric ...
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Car Tax – New Off The Road Rules

New rules come into force today (July 1st) that will make if harder to avoid paying motor tax by declaring that your car was off the road It is thought that thousands of people each year drive untaxed ...
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Motor Tax Too Easy to Avoid in Ireland

A recent report published by the Comptroller and Auditor General about Motor Tax in Ireland showed that there is  non compliance by at least 5% of car owners. About 2.4 million vehicles were taxed in 2011 and paid ...
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Motor Tax Increases in Budget 2013

As expected there were increases to car tax announced in Budget 2013 - as well as rearranging of the banding on CO2 emissions. The new motor tax rates apply from January 1st 2013. The details of the new ...
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€55 Million Lost Revenue On Untaxed Cars

Motor Tax can be easily avoided if the  owner declares that their vehicle was off the road .   When the car tax renewal is due -  if a car was not in use the owner can avoid paying ...
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