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Discount Vouchers for Amazon

The prices at Amazon are usually cheaper than the shops here in Ireland - and they always have special offers and discounts on certain items.We can also get free delivery to Ireland on orders over £20 from Amazon ...
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January and Christmas Sales Ireland

There was a time when the "Sales" in Ireland didn't begin until the New Year , January 1st - but they have gradually been starting earlier and earlier as shopping habits in Ireland fall in line with the ...
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Price Comparison – Online Bookshops

Books are usually a popular choice for gifts at Christmas and Birthdays  - but where is the cheapest place to buy books online for people living in Ireland? We did a quick price comparison on 5 books at ...
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Get Cashback Rewards with a KBC Credit Card

KBC have recently launched a new Credit Card in Ireland that will "reward" you with a 1% credit of what you spend online or in grocery shops. With the bank transaction charges on  debit cards - it can ...
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€160 Million – What Could You Get For That?

This year the government hopes that the new Household Tax  will  bring in €160 million extra income for the government - which they will pass on to local authorities. We have dug out  some other interesting  figures to ...
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Aldi best for Washing up Liquid and Orange Juice

With many of us trying to cut our spending - more people are probably thinking of trying the budget supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl. Prices of own brand products in these shops can be a lot cheaper ...
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