Car Tax – New Off The Road Rules

New rules come into force today (July 1st) that will make if harder to avoid paying motor tax by declaring that your car was off the road

It is thought that thousands of people each year drive untaxed vehicles – and when/if they are caught  they just say  that the car had been off the road and  that the car tax was “in the post” .  All drivers then had to do was get a declaration of “non use” signed by a Guard and start paying tax – but nothing was done about the missed months.
The lack of follow up by Gardai or the Dept of Transport made it easy to avoid paying car tax.   We wrote earlier in the year about the high percentage of car tax dodgers in Ireland

From October 1st  2013 –  anyone intending to take their car off the road will have to  make a submission in advance to the motor tax office.

Motorists can make a submission at their local Motor Tax Office that their car will be off the road for between three and 12 months in a calendar year.

An “off road”  declaration can be made up to one month in advance of the expiry of a motor tax disc (or a previous declaration of non-use) .
If you buy a  new or second hand car – you will have ten days from the date of registration or change of ownership to make a declaration of non use.

If your car tax has expired you won’t be allowed to make an off road declaration – until any arrears of  motor tax have been paid plus  a minimum of three months motor tax .

Arrears will be charged at 1/10th of the annual rate per month of arrears.

There will be a three month transition period from 01 July to 30 September. During this time, those in arrears must pay the arrears and either obtain a vehicle licence or make an advance declaration of non-use. Those whose vehicles have not been on the road must make a retrospective declaration of non-use and either take out a vehicle licence or make a prospective (advance) declaration of non-use.

From Oct 2013  only a prospective (advance)  declaration of non-use can be made.

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5 thoughts on “Car Tax – New Off The Road Rules

  1. Hi I here that the date for the new rule to be enforced is september not july, is this the case?.

    • James – thanks for spotting that. The article has been updated with the correct information. There is a transition period from July to Sept 30 .

  2. I can’t blame people from dodging what is a really inequally applied tax…..drivers of pre 08 cars subsidising the wealthier ones driving the new cars. The lame excuse that its in the name of the environment….nothing to do with the mileage done etc.

    I do note in the legislation that you can drive an untaxed car to eithe r the NCT centre or a mechanic for a pre NCT test. Wonder how they can prove you’re nota lways on the way to that mechanic!

    • Stephen – I guess you would only get away with that once? (Driving to NCT that is)

  3. Hi
    What if you have a car, and not using it since last year, and now want to sell it.
    Do i have to pay all tax back after sell??

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