Car Insurance Prices Compared

Car Insurance – is one of those things that all drivers need to buy every year . Many people just accept the renewal quote from their current insurer and sign up for another year without checking if they can get cheaper insurance elsewhere.
However – our recent quick car insurance price comparison carried out in May 2023 highlights some big differences in the prices from various insurers.

The comparison took less than an hour and saved more than €200 on the renewal price.

We checked car insurance quotes online from Aviva , Axa, Liberty Insurance , Zurich and .

We tried Allianz too but couldn’t get past an error on their first screen asking for employment details but not actually allowing us to enter them.

  • The quotes requested were for fully comprehensive insurance on a 2014 Dacia Sandero in Galway.
  • The main driver was a 60-year-old male , self-employed computer programmer with more than 10 years of no claims bonus .
  • The named driver was his 58-year-old partner also with 10+ years of no claims history.
  • All quotes included breakdown cover. Excess was €300 or €250 in all cases.

  • Overall , in our small online survey , 123 came out with the cheapest car insurance quote at €279
  • The next best was Liberty Insurance at €383
  • The third cheapest quote was from Aviva at €434
  • In fourth place was Zurich with a quote of €498 (Renewal Price)
  • Axa Insurance gave the highest quote in our small comparison – it was €585

The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive car insurance quote was over €300 . (More than double the price.)

Insurance discount codes can sometimes be used to get money off your car insurance.
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Revolut started offering car insurance to selected customers in Ireland from 31st July 2023. . It will be interesting to see how Revolut’s car insurance prices compare to other insurers. Initial reports say that they are cheaper than going direct to AIG

(Revolut will be using AIG) . You can Join Revolut Here.

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