CAO Deadline Dates 2022

The Central Applications Office (CAO) is where students can apply for almost all the full-time undergraduate courses in Ireland .

The CAO have a range of application deadlines – with various costs.

  • The Early online discounted rate is €30 – closing date of Jan 20th 2022.
  • The normal application closing date is Feb 1st 2022 – and that costs €45.
  • Late applications are accepted up to May 1st 2022 – with an application fee of €60

From 5 February 2022 to 1 March 2022 you can pay an extra €10 to amend your CAO course choices online.

There is also a further chance to change your mind, free of charge, from 5th May 2022 up to July 1st 2022.

CAO Offer Dates 2022

The main body of offers takes place after the 2022 Leaving Certificate Examination results become available.

Offer Date:  7th September, 2022 from 14:00
Reply Date:  13th September, 2022 by 15:00

Anyone looking for the  CAO Login Page – it can be found here

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