Can Revenue Take Property Tax from Bank Accounts?

It won’t be long now until 1.6 million  Local Property Tax leaflets and forms will be sent out to every homeowner in Ireland.
We have already written about the ability of Revenue to deduct the Property Tax at source from wages or state payments such as welfare payments or pensions.

The power to deduct at source from wages and govt. payments  is contained in the Property Tax legislation .

Can they Deduct Property Tax from Bank Accounts ?

YES:   Revenue already have other wide ranging powers they can use to recover any unpaid taxes – and they can decide to use any of these methods of recovery on the Property Tax.

Revenue can make an “attachment order ”   to force  a bank  or credit union to make a payment from a debtors bank account. No court case or legal proceedings are required. Revenue just  have to issue a final demand and warn you that deduction from your bank is an option.
Of course – they will have to find your bank account first . In many cases they will have records from PAYE , Welfare , ESB etc. and when they have a PPS number it should be easy enough to find any bank accounts.

Revenue can also decide to take court action or they can refer the debt to the Sheriff or County Registrar who can seize  goods to the value of the debt due.


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  1. they are breaking all the rules of hunan rights

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