Campaign to Boycott The Household Charge

There is a campaign to boycott the new Household Charge – which is being  led mainly by a group calling itself the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes or CAHWT.

They say on their website that they are a  ” coalition of political and community activists, including trade unionists, tenants association organisers, TDs, and others come together around a common programme of building a mass non-payment campaign”

Supporters include TDs Joe Higgins, Clare Daly, Joan Collins, Richard Boyd Barrett, John Lyons, Mick Wallace, Thomas Pringle and Séamus Healy, MEP Paul Murphy and councillors Ruth Coppinger and Ted Tynan

CAWHT are hoping to get thousands of people to join them and pay a €5 membership fee. They say the fee is to cover ” millions of leaflets, posters, conference venues and, of course, the new Campaign hotline number of 1890 98 98 00.”
The campaign website is
They can also be contacted by phone on  1890 98 98 00  or by Email

Seventy Five Thousand  people are reported to have already registered for the Household Charge – (Feb 3rd ) which came into force on Jan 1st 2012.
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