BUX Zero Share Trading App

BUX Zero is a European stock trading app that is available to use in Ireland. It allows users to buy shares and ETFs commission-free.
This is a short review of Bux Zero , it’s pricing and features.

Through the Bux Zero trading app , Irish residents can access over 2,300 US and European stocks and a small but growing amount of European ETFs (about 170). Shares sold on the London Stock Exchange are not currently available on Bux Zero. Since January 2022 – a selection of Fractional Shares are now available with Bux Zero (around 100)

With over 500,000 users already in Europe, BUX Zero could fill a gap in the market and end up being the Robinhood of Europe. (Robinhood is a popular share trading app in the USA but it is not accessible in most European countries including Ireland.)
Bux Zero will also be hoping to get some new customers in Ireland after Degiro increased some charges in December 2021.

The BUX Zero trading platform is run by BUX which is a European mobile brokerage company, based in Amsterdam and London.
BUX Zero is regulated by the AFM, The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets.
Customer’s money and shares are stored at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank. All client funds held at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank are protected by the Dutch Bank Guarantee scheme up to €100,000.

Deposits and withdrawals on BUX Zero by Irish customers can be made in Euros by SEPA bank transfer. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees. There are no custody fees or annual usage fees on Bux.

At BUX Zero, the maximum amount you can invest in a single order is €25,000. You can of course put in as many orders as you’d like.

Fractional Shares at Bux Zero

Fractional Shares are now available to buy with Bux Zero . (Since Jan 2022). The range of fractional shares available on Bux is currently about 100 – but it will increase. The selection is from the larger US companies such as Apple , Alphabet, Amazon , Berkshire Hathaway , Booking, Chipotle, Meta (Facebook) , Netflix , Microsoft, Tesla as well as shares in companies such as Uber, Twitter, Paypal, Moderna, Coinbase, Airbnb and more.

When you purchase a stock on the BUX Zero app, you get the option (on some shares) to place your order using the number of shares OR a cash amount. You can enter as little as €10 .
For example – if a company’s stock is listed at €3,000 and you buy €300 worth. You’d then own 0.1 (10%) of a share.

More here about Buying Fractional Shares

New Customers Get a Free Share With Bux

BUX Zero is currently offering a Free Share bonus to new customers. (No purchase needed).
To qualify you just need to download the BUX Zero app and deposit funds on your account.
BUX will select this Free Share bonus from companies that are available in the BUX App and have a share price between approximately €1 and €200.

You can sign up to BUX Zero here.

Always remember that Investing involves risks. You can lose your deposit.

Pricing at BUX Zero

Fees on US Share Trades

All trades of US shares on BUX Zero are commission FREE – but there is a 0.25% foreign exchange fee. This can be noticeable on very large transactions – but for smaller , regular investors it will not amount to much and will often be less than the transaction fees at other brokers.

Bux Zero Vs DegiroFees on US Share trades

For example –
Bux Zero – buying $200 USD worth of shares on BUX Zero would cost $0.50 USD in currency exchange fees.
On Degiro – making the same purchase would cost you €0.50 handling fee plus $0.50 currency conversion fee.
Degiro will also charge an annual €2.50 fee for using the New York Stock Exchange.

Bux Zero doesn’t have as wide a choice of shares available to buy as Degiro – but if the US shares you want are available on Bux Zero – the fees will be lower. (Plus – you can buy fractional shares with Bux Zero)

Bux Zero Fees On EU Shares and ETFs

The commission at Bux Zero on EU “market” trades is €1 each. (Stocks and ETFs) .These “market” orders are executed straight away – at the price shown.

However , customers can opt for ” Zero Order” trades on all EU stocks and ETFs- which will be commission-free.

Zero Orders will be executed at the end of the trading day, between 4 and 5 pm (Central European Time).
Orders placed after 4 pm (CET) will be executed on the following day.
The price at which a “Zero order” is executed will depend on the share/ETF price at that time, so there is a chance you will pay slightly more or slightly less than the price you will have seen when placing the order.
If you are investing for the long term – the price difference over a few hours should not have much effect on your overall investment
(Note – If the price differential at the time of trade exceeds 5% for sell orders or 4% for buy orders, the zero-order is cancelled.)

Example of Fees at Bux Zero

  • Buy €1000 worth of Euro ETFs each month for 5 years then sell for €90,000
    • If you were to use their “Zero Order” option – the commission would be ZERO.
    • You would probably want to ue a Market Order when selling such a large amount – that would cost €4 because the maximum trade is €25000 and you would need to do 4 trades.
  • If you used “market trades” for all the buying and selling – it would be €1 per trade – so for the total of 64 trades (buying and selling) that would be a total of €64.
  • Check what it would cost at some other online brokers in our broker ETF fees comparison

  • Purchase €1000 of US shares once a month for 12 months (Total purchase price of €12000). Then sell all the shares after 1 year for €15000.
    • The 0.25% exchange fee on the €27000 will be €67.50.
    • No other fees.
    • See our stock trading fees comparison to find out what other online brokers would charge .

You can sign up to Bux Zero Here

Always remember that Investing involves risks. You can lose your deposit.

There is no Demo account available on BUX Zero – but there are no minimum trade amounts or minimum deposits , so you can try it out with small trades, to begin with.

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Some of the ETFs Available at BUX Zero (Checked December 2021)

(Popular ETFs in Bold)

  • All World Emerging Markets ETF Dist (iShares) IE00B0M63177 (GBP)
  • All World Index ETF Acc (Lyxor) LU1781541179 (EUR)
  • All World Socially Responsible ETF ACC (Lyxor) LU1792117779 (EUR)
  • All-World Emerging Markets ETF Dist (iShares) IE00B0M63177 (GBP)
  • Canadian Stocks ETF (Xtrackers) LU0476289540
  • Chinese Stocks ETF (Acc) (Lyxor) FR0011720911
  • Commodities ETF (Lyxor) – LU1829218749
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy UCITS ETF (Rize) IE00BJXRZJ40
  • Dow Jones 30 Index ETF Dist (Lyxor) FR0007056841 (EUR)
  • Education Tech and Digital Learning UCITS ETF (Rize) IE00BLRPQJ54
  • Emerging Markets Eastern Europe ETF (iShares) IE00B0M63953
  • ESG Leaders MSCI Extra USA UCITS ACC ETF (Lyxor) LU1792117696
  • ESG Trend Leaders MSCI EMU ETF (Lyxor) LU1792117340
  • EU Banking Sector ETF (iShares) DE000A0F5UJ7
  • EU Dividend ETF (iShares) IE00B0M62S72
  • EU Telecom Sector ETF (iShares) DE000A0H08R2
  • EU Top 50 Index ETF (iShares) DE0005933956
  • EU Top 600 Index ETF Dist (iShares) DE0002635307 (EUR)
  • EUR Corporate Bonds ETF (Lyxor) LU1829219127
  • EUR Government Bonds ETF (VanEck) NL0009690254
  • Europe 600 Basic Resources ETF (iShares) DE000A0F5UK5
  • Europe 600 Personal & Household Goods ETF (Lyxor) LU1834988351
  • Europe Dividend ETF (SPDR) IE00B5M1WJ87
  • Europe Financials MSCI UCITS ETF (SPDR) IE00BKWQ0G16
  • Europe Socially Responsible ETF (Acc) (Lyxor) LU1940199711
  • Europe Stoxx 50 Index ETF Dist (iShares) IE0008471009
  • European Equal Weight UCITS ETF (VanEck) NL0010731816
  • European Real Estate Dividend ETF (iShares) IE00B0M63284
  • Eurozone bonds ETF (Lyxor) LU1287023342
  • France CAC 40 Index ETF (Lyxor) FR0007052782
  • Germany DAX 30 Index ETF (iShares ) DE0005933931
  • Global Real Estate ETF (VanEck) NL0009690239
  • Healthcare Innovation ETF (iShares) IE00BYZK4776
  • iShares STOXX Europe 600 Industrial Goods & Services
  • iShares STOXX Europe 600 Utilities UCITS ETF DE
  • iShares STOXX Europe 600 Insurance UCITS ETF DE
  • Japan Socially Responsible ETF (UBS) LU1230561679
  • Japanese stocks ETF (Lyxor) LU1781541252
  • L&G Cyber Security ETF IE00BYPLS672
  • Multi-Asset Balanced ETF (VanEck) NL0009272772 (EUR)
  • Nasdaq 100 index ETF (Acc) (iShares) IE00B53SZB19 (USD)
  • New Energy ETF (Lyxor) FR0010524777
  • Nikkei 225 index ETF (Dist) (Xtrackers) LU0839027447
  • North America Equal Weight UCITS ETF (VanEck) NL0011376074
  • S&P 500 Minimum Volatility ETF (iShares) IE00B6SPMN59 (GBP) (Acc)
  • Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF (Rize) IE00BLRPQH31
  • UBS Asia Pacific Socially Responsible ETF LU0629460832
  • UBS USA Socially Responsible ETF LU0629460089
  • UK FTSE 100 Index ETF Dist (Xtrackers) LU0292097234
  • US Bonds (1-3Y) ETF (Lyxor) LU1407887162
  • US Government Bonds 3-7Y ETF (Lyxor) LU1407888996
  • US Small Cap 2000 Index ETF (L&G) (Acc) IE00B3CNHJ55
  • USD Inflation-Linked Bonds ETF (Lyxor) LU1452600270
  • Vanguard All World Dividend (Dist) ETF IE00B8GKDB10 (USD)
  • Vanguard All World FTSE ETF (Dist) IE00B3RBWM25 (GBP)
  • Vanguard S&P 500 Index ETF (Dist) IE00B3XXRP09 (EUR)
  • Vanguard Asia Pacific (excl Japan) Stocks ETF (Dist) IE00B9F5YL18 (GBP)