BUX Zero Trading App

BUX Zero is a trading app that is available to use in Ireland. It allows users to buy shares and ETFs with low fees.

The BUX Zero trading app is run by BUX which is a European mobile brokerage company, based in Amsterdam and London.

The investment services of BUX Zero for shares and ETFs are provided by BUX B.V. BUX B.V. is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 58403949. BUX B.V. is authorised and regulated by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten – AFM).

Share Trading on Bux Zero

Through the Bux Zero trading app , Irish residents can access over 2,700 US and European stocks and a small but growing amount of European ETFs (about 160).

Shares sold on the Dublin or London Stock Exchanges are not currently available on Bux Zero. .

A selection of Fractional Shares are available to buy on Bux Zero (around 100).

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At BUX Zero, the maximum amount you can invest in a single order is €25,000. You can of course put in as many orders as you’d like.

Deposits and withdrawals on BUX Zero by Irish customers can be made in Euros by SEPA bank transfer. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

Always remember that Investing involves risks. You can lose your deposit.

Pricing at BUX Zero

Note: There is a Monthly Service Fee of €2.99 on all accounts at Bux since April 2023 .

Fees on US Share Trades

All trades of US shares on BUX Zero will cost 99c and there is a 0.25% foreign exchange fee. This can be noticeable on very large transactions.

Bux Zero Fees On EU Shares and ETFs

The commission at Bux Zero on EU “market” trades is €1.99 each. (Stocks and ETFs) .These “market” orders are executed straight away – at the price shown.

However , customers can opt for ” Zero Order” trades on all EU stocks and ETFs- which will be commission-free.

Zero Orders will be executed at the end of the trading day, between 4 and 5 pm (Central European Time).
Orders placed after 4 pm (CET) will be executed on the following day.
The price at which a “Zero order” is executed will depend on the share/ETF price at that time, so there is a chance you will pay slightly more or slightly less than the price you will have seen when placing the order.
(Note – If the price differential at the time of trade exceeds 5% for sell orders or 4% for buy orders, the zero-order is cancelled.)

There is a new Monthly Service Fee of €2.99 from April 2023 – which makes them a lot less attractive compared to Etoro or Degiro.

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Always remember that Investing involves risks. You can lose your deposit.

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