Budget Cuts to Jobseekers Benefits

Jobseekers and Budget 2012 :

Although the basic standard rate of Jobseekers Benefit was untouched in the Budget – the government are still going to be reducing total payments by  about  €87 Million a year as a result of some new rule changes.

Currently – if a person is working part time – say 2 days a week – they can claim Jobseekers Benefit for the days they are out of work.  At the moment this is based on a 6 day working week – so they could claim 4  days Jobseekers Benefit.   (For a single person this would be  €125.33 )

From July 2012 – the calculation will be based on a 5 day working week – so in the example above the claimant would get 3 days worth of Jobseekers Benefit instead of 4.  For a single person – this would be about €112.80. (The daily rate is now higher than before )  This is a reduction  of  €12.53 a week.

To save 87 Million a year – which is about 1.67 Million a week – there must be a large number of Jobseeker claimants on part time work.

From 2013 – Sunday will be  considered a day of employment.
At the moment – someone can work on a Sunday and it does not affect  Jobseekers Benefit at all . From 2012 –  if you work on Sunday you will  lose a portion of your weekly Jobseeker’s Benefit payment for this day.