Budget 2015 – Some Predictions

Budget 2015 is only a few weeks away – it will be announced on October 14th 2014. The earlier Budget day has resulted in less “leaks” because of the Dail summer holiday – but here are  a few possible  changes that we might  see in the upcoming Budget.

See our Budget 2015 Page for the latest information

Property Tax Freeze – properties are due to be revalued for the property tax in 2017 – but there has been mention of  delaying this until 2019 – resulting in a freeze to rates . (Local councils will still be able to adjust rates up or down by 15%)


Raising the threshold for the 41% rate of income tax

Changes to USC that will probably mean lower paid earners paying less but higher paid earners paying more.


Increase access to subsidised childcare and after school places by extending eligibility and rebalancing parental contributions for families making their way into employment.

New measures to assist low income families by improving the system of child income supports so that those moving from welfare to work will retain payments for children such as FIS.

Rent Supplement changes to allow low paid workers to also claim  help towards rent payments.

Possibly more cuts to the  Household Benefit Package (Help towards fuel bills for some lower income housholds)

Maybe medical card means test changes for over 70’s

Students – Increase to the student registration fees again.

Alcohol and Tobacco – increases to duty on on or both.

There are some other peoples suggestions for Budget 2015 Here and IMF Suggestions here