Budget 2014: Increased Prescription Charges

Prescription charges for medical card holders were increased in Budget 2014  from €1.50 per item to €2.50 per item – that is an increase of  70%.

The monthly cap on prescription charges for a family was also increased from  €19.50 to €25 (with medical card)

The increases came into effect from December 1st 2013

These changes are expected to cost people on medical cards an extra €43 Million a year.

3 thoughts on “Budget 2014: Increased Prescription Charges

  1. I am 63 with a genetic heart disease. I have to take medication every day to stay alive. I have no choice in this, other than to die.

    The increase in prescription charges now means I will have to pay 5 euro for each prescription, from my invalidity pension which has already been cut twice recently.

    I do not drink, I do not smoke, I never go on holiday. I did manage to work and pay my taxes until 4 years ago, when it finally got too bad and I had a heart failure.

    There are many like myself that will suffer from this latest slap in the face. Why are smokers and drinker let off so lightly?

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