Budget 2013 – The Details

All the Budget 2013 details will be posted here soon after they are announced.
Keep checking back for all the latest information.

Motor Tax Increases up to 25%   more details here

Medical Card for over 70′s   . Income limit reduced  to  €600 (from €700)  per week and couples level reduced to  €1,200 from €1,400 .

Drug payment scheme limit rising from 132 to 144 a month

The carers respite grant is getting cut by €325 to €1375

Prescription charges for Medical card holders rising from 50c to €1.50

Child Benefit reduced by minimum of €10 a month

Means tested Jobseekers allowance after 9 months instead of 12 months

Other Welfare Benefit Cuts

Maternity Benefit to be taxable for all claimants with effect from 1 July 2013.

Property Tax – see the details and how much you have to pay here.

DIRT rising to 33% from 30% tonight

Capital Gains Tax and CAT rising to 33%

Increase by 2 the Pupil Teacher Ratio for for fee charging schools  – this will save €6 Million a year. But – also a similar increase for Post Leaving Cert courses – which will save €12 million a year.

Third Level Education : Increase student contribution by €250 in each of 2013, 2014 and  2015  (€55 million saving  a year by 2015)

A 3% increase in student grant income threshold in 2013 – which is expected to reduce grant payouts by €5 million a year.

From midnight 10c on a pint and on  a measure of spirits  – €1 on a bottle of wine  and av of €2.80 on a bottle of spirits and an Increase of 10c on 20 cigarettes

NPPR charge to cease from 1 January 2014 – both NPPR and Property Tax will be due in 2013.

No Household Charge in 2013 – but Property Tax will begin from July

PRSI Rises

USC to rise to 7% on over 70’s with income over €60,000

Tax relief on pension contributions rate unchanged. But Tax relief will only be permitted for pension contributions upto a level that provides income of upto €60,000 per annum.

Mortgage interest relief to end on 31 December 2012  – as originally planned

Capital  Gains Tax exemption for 7 years for investment properties  bought in 2013

VAT rate for tourist industry to remain at 9% for 2013

Property Tax exemption until the end of 2016 for new and previously unoccupied  homes bought before 31 December 2016. Relief will also apply to first time buyers and residents in unfinished estates during the period.

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  1. I have just been made redundant in December, can anyone tell me if I can still claim back my top slicing as effectively my tax has been deducted in 2012 and The minister said that the change is from January 1st 2013

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