Budget 2012 – The Countdown

The full extent of the budget cuts for 2012  probably won’t be  revealed until after  the presidential election.

Enda Kenny initially told the Dáil yesterday that the key budget figures would be published by the end of October – but then added: “Given the presidential election, the publication may well be delayed until the first few days in November.”

The medium-term budget plan detailing the proposed tax and spending policies for next year and the following three years will be published in the week after the presidential election. It will include a breakdown between current and capital spending and will be presented to an Oireachtas committee for consideration.

On November 10th – the Government will publish its capital spending plan which will include the conclusions of the ongoing capital spending review and will provide clarity on which projects are proceeding and which are being deferred or suspended.

On  November 17th the Government will announce the various public service reforms to improve value for money in public spending identified in the comprehensive spending review. It will include decisions on reducing the number of quangos as well as protecting frontline services.

On December 1st the detailed spending estimates for each Government department for 2012 will be published as well as the spending limits for each department until 2014.

On December 2nd, the White Paper on Receipts and Expenditure will be published

Finally – on December 6th the budget for 2012 will be announced –  setting out the tax changes and overall exchequer position