Budget 2011 Might be Earlier than December 7th

In recent days it has been rumoured that the December 7th Budget date may be bought forward because of the need to announce the 4 year “Budgetary  Plan” in mid November
Today – The Green Party Chairman, Dan Boyle, has also hinted that indicated that the date of the Budget could be changed .

In the Seanad today, Mr Boyle said ‘as of now’ the Budget has been pencilled in for 7 December, but said the definitive decision on the date has not yet been taken.

He also said that there has been no decision on whether or not it needs to be brought forward.

He  said a cautious approach must be taken and asked for a certain amount of patience around the issue.

Later in the day – Brian Cowen said in the Dail that December 7th was still the planned Budget 2011 day.
Last week Mr Cowen said when asked about the subject ….
The Government have made a decision, as you know, to bring forward a four-year plan by mid-November and to have our budget on December 7. Those are the government decisions that are in place. I am indicating to you what the government position is and I’m not involved in any change on that position, as we speak  ”

Whatever date it is announced – the 2011 Budget is certain to bring in fairly big spending cuts and some tax increases too.