Broadcast Charge – Still on the Agenda

Over a year ago the idea of a Household Broadcast Charge was mentioned by the government.  More Here From Jan 2012

Basically it involves the replacement of the existing public service broadcasting funding system based on the collection of television licence fees with one based on the imposition of device-independent charge on eligible households and businesses.

Well – l it looks like someone has been looking into this idea and minister Pat Rabitte has now told us that he is expecting a “Value for Money Policy Review ”  before the end of March 2013.

Minister Rabitte said that  “it is my intention that the charge, which will be device independent, will replace the current licence fee and all households and businesses will be subject to the charge, except for those that are specifically exempted.”

Once the Revenue have the Property Tax database up and running it should be a lot easier to collect any other household related charges such as this broadcast charge.